Psychogenic pain

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Most chronic pain conditions/syndromes • Complex presentation with chronic pain & associated disability Secretary: Julie Summers E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 01603 819115
Professor Cock in LONDON
Subspecialty expertise in epilepsy, encompassing all aspects relating to the causes, diagnosis, prognosis & treatment (medical & surgical) of epilepsy other than of conditions & syndromes exclusive to childhood • Expertise in common conditions misdiagnosed as epilepsy (e.g. feints, psychogenic non-epileptic attacks & pseudoseizures) • Experience in psychiatric conditions complicating epilepsy (e.g. post-seizure psychoses, automatisms during & after seizures) • Trained in report writing & court...
Dr Whymark in GLASGOW
Expert in acute and chronic pain management, including pain persisting after injury or surgery, whiplash, abdominal/pelvic pain, including mesh repair. Also CRPS, nerve pain and medically unexplained syndromes; fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Full biopsychosocial assessment. Anaesthesia for childbirth; epidural and spinals, general anaesthesia for emergency Caesarean section, as well as general trauma and emergency surgery. These areas reflect ongoing consultant NHS practice since 2004.
Dr Adedokun in MANCHESTER
Dr Adedokun has extensive clinical experience in the management of various chronic pain syndromes including persistent neck, back or neuropathic pain especially following personal & occupational injuries, with experience in medical negligence claims • Dr Adedokun's experience also includes other chronic pain conditions such atypical facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, post herpetic neuralgia, & other neuropathic pain syndromes, complex headaches, complex regional pain syndrome, cancer pain,...

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