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Dr Thorley in LEICESTER
Assessment & diagnosis of children, adolescents & young adults • Treatment of mental health problems • Expertise in the effects of personal injury & medical negligence • Neuropsychological assessment of brain injuries in children • Domiciliary visits also possible nationwide
Special interest in general practice, family planning, women’s health and medical education.
Ms Hanisch in KENDAL
Age range: Adults, children and young people Quantum reports covering a wide range of injuries caused by accident or negligence, including: • Amputation • Brain injury • Chronic pain • Orthopaedics • Stroke • Visual impairment/sensory loss • Post-traumatic stress • Psychological conditions & depression, including epigenetic/unexplained trauma Report Types: • Quantum - wrongful birth • Care/case management • Care/occupational health • Loss of service • Occupational therapy/equipment
Dr Walton in BRISTOL
Clinical neuropsychological assessment • Psychometric testing & issues • Head injury • Mild head injury • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Epilepsy • Stroke • Alcohol abuse • Personal injury compensation • Neurological disease Qualifications BA(Hons) 1985; MA(Hons)(Clinical Neuropsychology) 1988; PhD 1999; MAPsS 1988; Member APsS College of Clinical Neuropsychology 1988-1993; CPsychol 1993; AFBPsS 1994; Full Member BPsS Division of Clinical Neuropsychology 1993; Member International Neuropsychological Society 1988; HCPC Registered...
Dr Zdrali in WEYBRIDGE
Preparation of psychological assessments and expert witness psychology reports for court, specialising in the field of family court, personal injury and clinical negligence, including psychometric testing, assessment of mental health and mental capacity (MCA, 2005). Expert witness training in psychology was undertaken at the British Psychological Society. I have specialist expertise and knowledge of assessing individuals with neurodevelopmental conditions, e.g. learning disabilities/learning difficulties,...
Mr Aguiar in LIVERPOOL
Brain injury • Assessment of capacity • Neuropsychological assessment & rehabilitation • Neuropsychological assessment of dementia & other neurological disorders • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Post-traumatic stress disorder in brain injury • Criminal responsibility in brain injury • Fitness to plead • Personal injury
Mrs Jaffe in ILFORD
I have over 28 years of experience as a handwriting expert • Specialist areas of work: suspected forgeries, the identification of signature & non-signature scripts, the verification of disputed documents & notes, anonymous letters & graffiti • Graphological assessments are utilised for psychological profiles, character appraisals & recruitment • Court expertise provided in the UK & abroad • Professional & reliable service • Comprehensive reports • References available
Dr Lewis in SOLIHULL
I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience of providing expert witness reports for the Court. Areas of expertise include personal injury, clinical negligence and assessments of mental health and Mental Capacity (MCA 2005) in relation to employment, housing and immigration matters. I am experienced in preparing reports for criminal proceedings, including fitness to plead/stand trial, criminal responsibility, mitigating circumstances, failure to provide. I have specialist expertise and...
Mr Yusupoff in MANCHESTER
Psychological sequelae following personal injury • Post-traumatic stress disorder, assessment & treatment • Phobias, depression & anxiety, assessments & treatment
• Consultant Chartered Clinical and Health Psychologist (BPS) • Registered Practitioner Psychologist (HCPC) • Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (BABCP) I have been qualified for over 25 years largely working in NHS adult services within the specialities of mental health, health psychology and physical rehabilitation/pain management - taking a lead role in service development and innovation. I currently work in private practice and I am the Managing Director of an independent psychological consultancy,...
Psychological reports in civil, family & criminal cases • Psychometric tests • Psychological assessments & therapies in relation to trauma, emotional & mental health problems • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
Clinical negligence work only • Qualified as a doctor since 1991, and as a GP since 1997 • Within general practice, I have worked as a locum, a retainee and a principal • I have also worked as a CQC advisor • I am Bond Solon expert witness trained and gained my certificate in October 2006 • Civil Procedure Rules training certificate (Bond Solon) April 2014 • I sit on the MDU council, committees and Board
Dr Baehr in TAUNTON
Neuropsychological assessment, diagnoses, treatment and rehabilitation of cognitive functioning following brain injury • Psychometric testing and assessment of intelligence (IQ), memory, executive skills and emotional and behavioural functioning • Medico-legal assessment of PTSD, adjustment disorders, depression, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders following injury HCPC Registered (PYL 26865) Consulting rooms 10 Harley Street, London , W1G 9PF Correspondence address 14 Warres Road, Taunton , TA2 8QF
Dr McQuire in PRESTON
Psychological effects of personal injury • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) • Adjustment disorder • Phobias • Depression • Anxiety • Work-related stress • Trauma • Children & adult assessments • Psychological effects of road traffic accidents Appointments throughout North West England; remote appointments and home visits as necessary.
Dr Proctor in TARPORLEY
Independent evaluation of psychological & psychiatric problems, including criminal cases • Reviews of Mental Health Act detentions • Family law • Personal injury • PTSD • Secondary victim work • Medical negligence • Criminal responsibility • Fitness to plead & stand trial • Dangerousness & risk assessment • Witness assessment & testamentary capacity • Group claims in relation to historical trauma, including childhood sexual abuse
Dr Loumidis in SHIFNAL
Expert since 1996 • Personal injury • Employment law • Clinical negligence • Professional conduct & competence hearings • Psychological assessment & diagnosis of mental disorders using DSM-5-TR and ICD-11 criteria • Offers evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy following trauma Consulting in Birmingham, London, Leicester, Manchester, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton & Worcester, plus remote consultations UK-wide
Dr Boyd in BRISTOL
Expertise in the areas of adult mental health, learning disability and forensic behaviour. Specialist areas: • Adults with psychological difficulties in response to traumatic events (personal injury, employment injury, clinical negligence). • Risk assessment of adults with offending behaviour/learning disability. Chartered Member of the BPS, HCPC Registered and a member of the Association of Clinical Psychologists UK (ACP-UK). In independent practice in Southwest England. Has worked as an expert witness in...
• Preparation of high-quality medical reports offering a holistic approach to cover all medical, psychological and mental health concerns • Fluent in English, Bengali, Sylheti, Urdu and Hindi languages • Specialist interest in UK immigration cases • Reports for visa application, deportation, asylum seekers, disability, vulnerability and memory issues • Understand cultural and country differences of various regions, including Asia, Africa, Middle East, Eastern European • Effects of removal on subjects to country...
Dr Monaci in email/phone contact only
Clinics at London, Reigate, Guildford, Leatherhead, Southampton & Portsmouth. Consultations for medico-legal services in care homes and in individuals' homes may also be possible when based on clinical needs. Also available for travel throughout the UK and abroad. • Neuropsychology expert • Assessment of cognitive & emotional functioning using psychometric & neuropsychological objective assessments & by clinical interview • Known or suspected brain injury • Neuropsychiatric conditions • Neurodegenerative conditions,...
Professor Dr Thompson in POOLE
Neuropsychological assessment & consultancy • Medico-legal, civil & criminal • Medical negligence • Road traffic collisions • Neurodegenerative disorders • Memory problems • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Depression • Anxiety • Client visits • Testamentary & mental capacity • Head injury • Fatigue • Brain damage • Neuropsychological assessment of reactions to AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccinations • Carbon monoxide poisoning
Dr Pickering in STOCKPORT
I specialise in psychological assessments of adolescents and adults from the age of 14 years and above. I have been carrying out psychological assessments for the civil courts since 2008. My specialist areas of expertise include the assessment of: • General mental health • Trauma, PTSD and complex PTSD • Trauma following childhood abuse • Trauma with individuals seeking asylum • Trauma following injury or clinical negligence • Trauma and impact on mental health following criminal injury • Adult attachment, personality...
An experienced educational psychologist with considerable and successful experience at carrying out a range of assessments to detect specific learning difficulties, including the effects of brain injury on a child's ability to learn. Qualified to conduct a range of psychometric tests with children and young people between the ages of 6 and 16. Able to assess a child's learning potential as well as those forms of teaching which will best help a child to learn.
Dr Robinson in ALSAGER
Dr Grace Robinson is a specialist in the field of modern slavery, particularly labour exploitation, criminal exploitation and county lines drug supply. Her qualifications include a BSc(Hons) in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice, an MA in Criminal Justice and a Doctorate in Criminology. She is a registered and acknowledged expert within the Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery Expert Directory. Grace’s experience as an Expert Witness, coupled with her professionalism and attention to detail, has resulted...
Ms Davies in LONDON
Established in 2007, Skin Camouflage Services Ltd provides clinical treatment to the healthcare profession and is best placed to offer expert quantum services for adults, young people and children • Expert reports provide a professional skin camouflage opinion on past, present and future care arising from clinical assessment • Specialist scar therapy • Over 25 years' practitioner experience • Bond Solon trained • CPD compliant • Six medical consulting clinics across the UK Burns: chemical, fire, hot liquids and electricity •...
Dr Abou-El-Fadl in ILFORD
• Consultant in general adult psychiatry since 1990 • Medical Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal • Visiting Psychiatrist to Chelmsford Prison 1992-2004 • Long and varied medico-legal experience Reporting regularly to the courts in civil and criminal proceedings on mental health issues in relation to: • Criminal, family and personal injury matters • Clinical negligence • Specific areas of testamentary capacity, fitness to plead and stand trial • Psychological trauma due to accidents, industrial or criminal injury •...
Mrs Birnbaum in LONDON
Assessment of children & young people (3-25 years) with learning, emotional & behavioural difficulties • Preparation of detailed reports for family courts & appeals against Local Education Authority Education Act decisions • Submission of oral evidence • High court & tribunal experience • Experience as a single joint expert
Dr Robinson in DURHAM
Depression • Anxiety • Stress management • Psychosexual problems • Relationship problems • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Work-related problems • Psychiatric nursing issues, including forensic psychiatry
Dr Creavin in BRISTOL
General medical practitioner near Bristol • Managing GP Partner at a semi-rural practice of around 5,500 patients and regular shifts in out-of-hours general practice, including telephone triage and home visits • Claimant and defendant • Bond Solon CUBS trained Logical, reasoned and balanced Interested in providing expert opinion on medical negligence and malpractice, particularly: • delayed diagnosis during the Covid-19 pandemic • delayed diagnosis of cancer • management of sepsis in the community • drug prescribing...
Professor Elliott in SHREWSBURY
The medico-legal aspects of psychiatric disorders in adults, including the psychological consequences of trauma, in particular following road traffic or industrial accidents • Assessment, diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis & aetiology of all psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety & post-traumatic stress disorder • Forensic psychiatry, including work-related stress, fitness to plead, sexual offences & psychological consequences of clinical negligence • Parenting assessments
Mrs Smith in SLOUGH
BioMark Forensics arranges experts for the legal profession, including in legally aided cases. Our Case Manager has over 30 years’ experience in forensics, including as an expert herself, so we understand the system and what is needed. The experts we provide have many years’ experience in their respective fields, produce comprehensive reports and are proficient at Court. Evidence covered includes: • Alcohol back calculations • Audio evidence • Blood pattern analysis • CCTV evidence • Collision investigation • Computer...
Dr Birch in email/phone contact only
A Paediatrician and Psychotherapist experienced in working with young people and families, particularly with respect to child neglect and protection, family disturbance, substance abuse and domestic violence. A leading authority on adolescence and teen pregnancy and have worked with psychopathic personalities, disorders such as borderline personalities, learning disabilities and with children in situations of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, as well as factitious illness (Munchausen)-type syndromes....
Mr Tweed in YORK
Local education authorities' responsibilities & negligence • Educational issues relating to school admissions & attendance • Parental rights & responsibilities regarding attendance, pupil behaviour, exclusion from school & related disciplinary matters • The rights & responsibilities of governing bodies • All matters relating to pupils' welfare & behaviour, & all issues concerning their special educational needs, including SEN tribunal issues, implementation of the Code of Practice & integration • Pupils' rights & responsibilities...
Professor Bunnage in BRISTOL
Clinical neuropsychological assessment • Assessment of cognitive, psychological & behavioural function • Psychometric testing • Brain injury & disease • Traumatic brain injury & head injury • Stroke • Dementia • Epilepsy • Alcohol • Anoxia • Differentiating organic, psychological & behavioural causes of problems, including comment on issues of malingering • Personal injury compensation • Prognosis • Rehabilitation Additional website:
Dr Carstairs in BROMLEY
Psychological testing & assessment of adults • Post-traumatic stress disorder & personal injury • Malingering • Fitness to plead or stand trial • Treatment planning & questions of disposition • Diagnosis of psychopathology • Professional negligence • Anxiety • Depression • Bereavement
Mr Sinar in OAKHAM
Spinal injuries • Whiplash, etc. • All aspects of spinal degenerative disease • Head injury • All aspects of spinal surgery Consultations in North East England (Darlington), Peterborough, Leicester and nationally Home visits • Civil and criminal cases • Personal injury • Medical negligence Also at: Woodlands Hospital, Darlington , Co Durham, DL1 4PL
In her neuropsychology positions at the Addenbrooke’s Hospital, her outpatient diagnostic assessments have focused on differentiating between neurological and mental health presentations of psychological and cognitive symptoms. Inpatient services have focused on the assessment and treatment of the emotional, behavioural and cognitive sequelae of traumatic brain injury.
Dr Bowen in CONWY
I am an established and experience General Medical Practitioner of 23 years' experience. I have worked as a GP partner, locum GP, salaried GP and Out of Hours/Urgent Care GP over my career, and am currently a GP partner in a medium-sized practice in Conwy, North Wales. I have also been a Medical Director, and have experience of complaints handling and litigation in that role.
Depressive disorders • Anxiety disorders • Alcoholism • Stress in employment • Psychological effects of accidents, including PTSD & assault, including rape • Civil matters relating to access to children • Psychological reaction to medical, surgical or obstetric negligence • Post-traumatic embitterment disorder
Dr Amin in SALE
Assessment of mental incapacity • Capacity assessment • Medical/clinical negligence (adult psychiatry)
Dr Plowman in BIRMINGHAM
I specialise in the neuropsychological assessment of the cognitive, emotional and behavioural consequences of acquired brain injury in adults following road traffic accidents, assaults, anoxia or exposure to toxic substances. I have experience in neurotoxicology, epilepsy, drug and alcohol misuse, tumours and HIV, and in the areas of personal injury and clinical negligence. I am a recognised expert witness by Cardiff University Law School and Bond Solon, and I am trained in the legal aspects of report writing,...
Dr Bains in THATCHAM
I am a trained psychiatrist and have a masters in mental health law. I work as a forensic psychiatrist and have expertise and experience of providing evidence in legal proceedings to courts. I have specialist expertise in learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. I have provided second opinion reports for Mental Health Review Tribunals. I am able to provide psychiatric reports and advice on matters such as fitness to plead.
Dr Nimmagadda in NEWBURY
Registered with the GMC as a Specialist in Forensic Psychiatry • Member of Royal College of Psychiatrists • Fellow of Royal College of Psychiatrists • Member of Expert Witness Institute • Holder of LLM in Mental Health Law from the University of Northumbria & Master of Medical Science (MMedSci) in Clinical Psychiatry from the University of Leeds I have expertise & experience in providing: (a) psychiatric reports to the courts in criminal, civil & family cases; (b) independent psychiatric reports for Mental Health Review...
Spinal injuries • Whiplash, etc. • All aspects of spinal degenerative disease • Head injury • All aspects of spinal surgery Consultations in North East England (Darlington), Peterborough, Leicester and nationally Home visits • Civil and criminal cases • Personal injury • Medical negligence Also at: 7 St Alban's Close, Oakham , Rutland, LE15 6EW
Dr Miller in NORTHWOOD
Neurology • Autoimmune encephalitis • MRI analysis • Neuropsychology • Episodic memory • Memory disorders • Hippocampal dysfunction 'Dr Miller's report was very easy to organise and it arrived with us quite quickly.' Natasha Bolton, JNP Legal All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Dr Culligan in BELFAST
Assessments in: • Forensic risk (sexual and violent) • Personality and mental health functioning • Adult ADHD and autism • Medico-legal • Cognitive and adaptive functioning • Domestic violence • Fitness to plead • Therapy - individual, couples
In addition to general medical on-calls covering all aspects of general and geriatric medicine, Dr Ahearn cares for older in-patients at Wythenshawe Hospital. He has specialist interests in Parkinson's disease, falls in older people, dizziness and syncope (fainting), and organises specialist clinics for patients within these areas. Dr Ahearn also performs community visits to care homes and patients' homes.
Dr Orner in SPALDING
Expert assessment & therapy services for survivors of traumatic experiences, including PTSD • Consultancy & supervision in respect of the above, especially for early intervention services seeking to prevent longer term complications • Extensive experience of work with emergency services • Psychotherapy • Special interest in prevention, evaluation & treatment of trauma reactions evoked in maritime settings, shipping, diving, offshore, fishing, ports, etc. • Anxiety • Depression • OCD • Sexual dysfunction
Ms Waitman in NEWARK
Expert witness work in child and family law • Family assessments • Adolescents involved in criminal law (vulnerability assessment) • Immigration evaluation - assessment of mental health
Dr King in HARTLEY
Dr King specialises both in assessments of adults & children in the context of family proceedings & private law disputes, along with forensic issues (risk assessment, parole board reports, pre-sentencing reports, psychopathy assessments, veracity of evidence, fitness to plead & culpability). She also undertakes personal injury work. Recent instructions have encompassed: • Capacity to conduct proceedings • Analysis of an Achieving Best Evidence Interview • Assessment of attachment in a family (parental & sibling)...
Dr Pinder in WIRRAL
I have experience in all areas of neurological rehabilitation. My main area of expertise is the assessment & rehabilitation of brain injury from any cause - many are patients with head injury. I deal with all types of head injury, from mild post-concussive symptoms to severe disability. I also assess & treat patients with spinal cord injury, as well as patients with multiple trauma.
Dr Adedokun in MANCHESTER
Dr Adedokun has extensive clinical experience in the management of various chronic pain syndromes including persistent neck, back or neuropathic pain especially following personal & occupational injuries, with experience in medical negligence claims • Dr Adedokun's experience also includes other chronic pain conditions such atypical facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, post herpetic neuralgia, & other neuropathic pain syndromes, complex headaches, complex regional pain syndrome, cancer pain, musculo-skeletal...
Dr Lyle in BRISTOL
Criminal Justice Expert Reports (defence/prosecution) Special areas of expertise: • Psychometric Testing • Learning Difficulties • Memory Testing • Suggestibility • Head Injury • Asperger's and Autistic disorders • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder • Detection of Malingering or otherwise • Sexual Offences • 'Viewing' offences •Driving, Fitness, Psychological (Cognitive) Assessment Personal Injury Expert Reports and/or Treatment Special areas of expertise: • Phobic Anxiety (including travel, driving post-accident) •...
Dr O'Rourke in CHESTER
Mental Health Review Tribunals - assessment of psychological need & risk in relation to individuals detained under the MHA (1983) • Personal injury claims - deaf & hearing clients • Criminal cases: fitness to plead, intellectual ability & impact of deafness, risk assessment & risk management, mental health & deafness • Mental health & trauma • Family/child care proceedings: assessments of deaf & hearing adults in relation to child care proceedings; presence/absence of a learning disability & the impact of this ( & /or...
Dr Fellerman in LEEDS
Expert in medico-legal reporting, with particular interest in whiplash injuries, sports injuries & general disabilities • Clinical negligence
Dr Drayton in BIRMINGHAM
I am able to provide psychological reports that will answer the questions in your letter of instruction. The reports will be written for a legal audience, in plain English, with no psychobabble. All my reports will have clear recommendations and practical advice on how the person being assessed can be helped. I am also an Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator. Employment Assessment of: • Effects of work-related stress • Effect of alleged stress on employees • Mental health problems at work • Workplace discrimination...
Dr Harrison in EDINBURGH
Head injury • Traumatic brain injury • Personal injury • Acquired brain injury • Rehabilitation • Medical negligence • Psychological assessment • Neuropsychological assessment • Cognitive assessment
Mr Hopsitar in LONDON
Cognitive functions • Personality traits • Psychopathology • Trauma/parenting skills • Relationship dynamics • Neurodevelopmental conditions - ASD • HCPC-Registered Clinical Psychologist • Trained Schema Therapist/Trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist • Trained Gottman Method Couples Therapist - Level 3 Training Completed/Level 3 Safeguarding Trained - Adults and Children • Master of Science in Neuroscience - King’s College London - graduated with Distinction
Main clinical interests lie within general practice and women’s and sexual health medicine.
Ms Jackson in LONDON
Assessment of attachment & bonding in families • Assessment of parenting, including in the context of child care proceedings • Alcohol & drug abuse as pertaining to parenting ability • Domestic violence, physical, sexual & emotional abuse as pertaining to parenting ability • Adult cognitive & personality assessment, including own family history in relation to ability to parent • Cognitive assessment of adults to determine competence, identify learning difficulties & disabilities, & make recommendations • Educational...
Dr Thrasher in HOOK NORTON
Specialist expertise in the assessment & treatment of reactions to personal injury (accidents, medical negligence, assault), including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression & chronic fatigue • Provision of medico-legal reports, specialising in psychological assessment of emotional reactions (post-traumatic stress, depression, panic, anxiety) following a range of traumas (e.g. road traffic accidents, medical negligence, train crashes, assault, accidents at work)
Dr Bint in WOKING
I have been an NHS GP for 20 years. As a GP, I have worked in a variety of settings, including as a GP Principal (for 8 years), locum work in practices (for 4 years), out-of-hours care, urgent GP care (including within A & E), telephone triage, covering a cottage hospital, looking after patients in nursing and residential homes, and looking after private patients. I currently work as a freelance GP.
Retired NHS GP & GP trainer
Dr Conning in SEVENOAKS
Assessment of adolescents & adults: criminal, family & civil proceedings & personal injury cases • Criminal work includes: assessment of intellectual & cognitive functioning, assessment of mental health problems, e.g. depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, phobias • Family court work includes: the assessment of cognitive/intellectual functioning, capacity, psychological functioning, attachment • Personal injury work includes: assessment of the psychological sequelae of traumatic events & occupational stress
Ms Templeton in HIGH WYCOMBE
ADHD expert, especially ADHD in the criminal justice system. Can prepare pre-court reports for clients on their particular ADHD and how it has impacted a crime. Can appear in court as an ADHD expert witness/ADHD advocate. Also co-existing conditions, i.e.dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and sensory processing disorder. ADHD psychotherapist for 10 years. Now I write books on how to parent and teach ADHD children, and represent the UK abroad, especially regarding ADHD in the criminal justice system.
Dr Harris in LONDON
Medico-legal reports concerning all aspects of general medical practice • Medical records • Medical ethics • Medical disputes • Personal injury, including road traffic accident & whiplash injuries • Falling, tripping & slipping accidents • Medico-legal aspects of circumcision • Medical competence, accidents & negligence • Prescribing & dispensing errors • Therapeutic misadventure • General medical reports in asylum, refugee & immigration cases • Home & prison visits • Coroner • Death certificates • Inquests • Refugees • Asylum • Immigration...
Dr McGillion in LONDON
Personal injury (adults) • PTSD • Anxiety disorders • Road traffic accidents • Work accidents • Housing stress • Psychological aspects of medical negligence, e.g. chronic pain • Extensive experience of working with interpreters • Experience of utilising psychometric assessments in assessing a wide range of mental health problems
A Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) • Areas of expertise include: • Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD in adults • IQ and cognitive functioning • Psychometric evaluation • Suggestibility • Intellectual disability • Fitness to plead or stand trial • Fitness to practise for psychologists • Psychiatric misdiagnosis • Specialist interest in providing expert witness testimony for cases involving adults with ASD (or a label of Asperger's syndrome) and/or general learning...
Dr Dunsmuir-White in LEEDS
Adult mental health • Trauma, complex trauma and PTSD • Addictions • Anger and violence • Childhood sexual abuse • Psychological assessment following road traffic incidents • Psychological assessment following workplace injury • Personal injury • Clinical negligence • Mental Health Review Tribunals • Assessment of risk of violence (HCR-20 trained), sexual violence (RSVP trained), domestic violence (SARA trained) and stalking (SAM trained)
Dr Tyson in TRURO
Clinical psychology • Medical legal work, assessments and court reports • Treatments including CBT and EMDR • Adults • Professionally accredited with HCPC, BPS, APIL registered (First Tier) • Areas of expertise include PTSD, trauma, medical negligence, pain management, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and adult ADHD • Rehabilitation and return to work issues • Professional clinic locations throughout the South West and beyond
Ms Ownhouse in LONDON
Adult personality disorder • Adult mental health • Impact of alcohol and drug misuse • Adult attachment style • Trauma • Adverse childhood experiences • Relationship issues and family dynamics, including impact of domestic violence and/or substance misuse • Psychopathology in adults • Parenting (including therapeutic and support needs of parents, prospect of change and the likely timescale for that change) • Personal injury • Risk of violence • Risk of sexual violence
Dr Sembi in LONDON
1. Clinical neuropsychology • Assessment & diagnoses of brain functioning following head injury, post-concussive state, dementia & other neurological disorders 2. Psychometric testing (learning disability, general adult & older adult populations), including: assessment of intelligence (IQ), memory testing & other cognitive functioning 3. Neurorehabilitation following brain injury & other neurological conditions 4. Psychiatric diagnoses , in particular medico-legal assessment of PTSD, adjustment disorders, depression,...
Dr Murray in ULVERSTON
Personal injury work • Vast experience since 2003, mainly RTAs
My routine practice involves the care of people with neurological illness or injury, including acquired brain injury, MS, movement disorder, epilepsy, neurodegenerative conditions, functional conditions and neurodevelopmental conditions. I am jointly responsible for adult neuropsychology services at Nottingham University Hospitals neurosciences unit. I have undertaken medico-legal work for 23 years in criminal and civil proceedings. I have reported in cases of brain injury, dementia, fitness to plead, dissociative...
Dr Valinejad in DARTFORD
I am a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has previously worked for the NHS for 25 years and has established my own psychological service since 2014. My specialist area is psychological trauma. I run a busy expert witness and psychological therapy practice. In addition, I provide specialist assessments, namely neuropsychological assessments for individuals who have suffered brain injury and any other type of neuropathology. I have been instructed in civil, family and criminal proceedings. I am a Member...
Dr Shmueli in LONDON
Since 1993 I have provided assessments & consultations on a variety of criminal & civil matters, including: • Assessments of personal injury following road traffic & industrial accidents • Adjustment disorder • Pain disorder • Assessments of neuropsychological functioning • Assessments of suggestibility & fitness to plead • All aspects of family law • Emphasis is given to presenting the complexities of the clinical situation with sufficient clarity so that it may be understood within a legal framework whilst simultaneously...
My special interests are in forensic issues and diagnosis in autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including Asperger's syndrome. Working with people affected by ASD since 1991, working closely with forensic and other psychiatric services, social workers, solicitors and the court service since at least 2000. I receive referrals for assessment from various departments, typically considering diagnostic issues, risk, potential involvement of symptoms in criminal behaviour, and recommendation of supports to reduce...
Dr Weddell in COWBRIDGE
Assessment of neurobehavioural sequelae of traumatic & other forms of brain injury sustained in adulthood for compensation & negligence cases • Assessment of capacity of people sustaining brain injury in adulthood to make informed decisions
Ms Hussain in CHESHAM
Adult neurological & ENT conditions • Bilingual Urdu (Punjabi) speaking & interpreting experience HCPC Registration SL10526
Dr McCarter in BRISTOL
Neuropsychological assessment of individuals with known, suspected or claimed brain damage or dysfunction, including head injury, cerebrovascular accident, anoxia, neurological disease, alcohol or developmental disorder • Delineation of the extent of impairment to cognitive, memory & behavioural functions as a result of injury or disease • Prognosis for future educational & vocational options • Comment on issues of malingering or non-organic factors influencing performance & presentation • More than 30 years' postgraduate...
Dr Pradhan in BIRMINGHAM
Psychopathology & psychiatric disorders • Trauma sequelae (psychiatry, including personal injury) • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Personality disorder • Criminal responsibility (psychiatric assessment) • Fitness to plead (psychiatric assessment) • Dangerous & risk assessment (psychiatric) • Crime victims (psychiatry) • Offender assessment (psychiatric) • Witness assessment & testamentary capacity • Criminal behaviour • Child & family cases (custody cases) • Psychiatric care & rehabilitating • Disability Discrimination Act - psychiatric •...
Mr Jackson in BARNSLEY
Personal injury, including: • Brain & spinal injuries & birth defects • Employment prospects • Loss of earnings • Loss of opportunity • Labour market analysis • Research service • Employment case management • Vocational rehabilitation • Occupational psychology • Psychometric & occupational testing • Careers advice • Employment practice • Employee retention • Discrimination in employment • Claimant, defendant & single joint instructions undertaken • UK-wide service • Job analysis
Health and safety auditing, management, documentation investigation and law • Health and safety in healthcare, hospitals, care support, education, mental health, special education, local authorities, residential homes, warehousing • Stress, violence and aggression, assaults, pedestrian/vehicle segregation, warehouse operations, swimming pools, schools, leisure centres, grounds maintenance, transport
Professor MacKenzie Ross in LONDON
Neuropsychological assessment & psychometric testing • Assessing the impact of accident, assault, poisoning or disease process on intellectual level, memory functioning, language, perception, personality & behaviour, etc. • Assessment of emotional state following accident, assault or medical malpractice, e.g. post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, depression • Also overall impact of accident or assault on quality of life, e.g. impact on employment, social & leisure activity, relationships
Mrs Martin-Alam in RICHMOND
Intellectual assessment of children & adults • Developmental & personality assessment • Assessment of emotional disturbance • Assessment of child abuse: physical, sexual, emotional • Assessing witness reliability & fitness to plead • Analysis of verbal, written & video evidence • Mental handicap • Crime & delinquency • Family assessment
Dr McCarthy in BRISTOL
I provide clinical psychology expert witness reports for court in the areas of personal injury and medical negligence involving children and adolescents. The reports assess the impact of traumatic events on the psychological functioning of children, the nature of the injury suffered and give recommendations for treatment. I provide clinical psychology expert witness reports for court proceedings involving public and private legal cases involving the care and upbringing of children and adolescents.
We understand the need for a professional service and rapid timescales, within Legal Aid Agency guidelines. Our expert Psychologists and Psychiatrists can provide adult and child assessments within: • Public and private law proceedings • Pre-proceedings • Criminal proceedings • Court of Protection proceedings • Immigration proceedings • Personal injury • Clinical negligence Please contact us to make a referral, discuss your requirements or find out more about the services we can provide.
Dr Swale in BATH
All areas of general practice medicine • Clinical negligence in general practice
Ms Wybraniec in LONDON
Anna Wybraniec is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years' professional experience in clinical psychology working in the NHS and in private practice in London. She has been involved in preparing medico-legal reports for courts since 2000. She specialises in psychological assessment of personal and criminal injuries following traumatic events, such as: • RTA • Work and industrial accidents • Animal attacks • Physical and sexual assaults • Violence • Emotional and physical abuse • Robberies • Harassment • Medical...
Dr Banfield in PENRYN
Neurodiversity in the forensic field • Specialist interest in ADHD and autistic offenders Dr Banfield has 15 years' experience working with neurodivergent offenders, specialising in causation, condition and prognosis. She is able to offer a neurodiversity-informed perspective on offending behaviour. Dr Banfield has carried out a number of significant research studies in the area of offending behaviour amongst neurodivergent individuals. She is qualified to carry out autism assessments. She is not currently...
Mr Baskind in WIRRAL
Probably the most sought-after expert in his field. Instructed in claimant, defendant and criminal cases for Home Office, Ministry of Justice, Government Legal Department, Prison Officers Association and other firms of solicitors • Experienced in single joint expert instructions and giving evidence at inquests • Expert in all aspects of self-defence, physical restraint, personal safety and martial arts, including control and restraint systems taught to police, prison, hospital (including secure), schools and...
Dr Green in CHIGWELL
Dr Alice Green has 20 years' experience of working in crisis and acute adult mental health within the NHS, as well as establishing and running a highly successful independent practice, providing expert witness services, specialist psychological consultation and therapy to clients referred by solicitors, insurance companies and rehabilitation services. Medico-legal work includes the preparation of psychological assessments and expert witness psychology reports for court, specialising in the field of personal...
Dr Lucas in STANMORE
Expert in the field of chronic pain management • Assessment of the impact & consequences of chronic pain • Psychological assessment & treatment of chronic pain patients
Neuroscience • Neuroimaging • Neurological injury & rehabilitation • Neuropsychology: diagnoses, causation & treatment of a wide range of neurological conditions, including injury (such as incurred in the context of MVAs) • Major trauma • Pain • Anxiety disorders • Bereavement • Depression • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) • Human factors in sport & occupational performance • Aviation psychology • Specialist interests & expertise in the following physical conditions: neurological disorders, pain management & physical disability
Dr Gould in LONDON
Psychological assessments of: 1. Civil/personal injury such as accidents and medical negligence 2. Employment law, including the Equality Act, racial discrimination, fitness to work and Occupational Mandated Psychological Assessments 3. Immigration and asylum 4. Vulnerable witness and special measures 5. Adult mental health, and especially PTSD Working in particular with: • Media, TV, journalists • Aviation psychology and neuropsychology • Police and emergency services • Military and veterans • Criminal Injuries Compensation...
Dr Boyle in GLASGOW
Contact • Residence • Children's panel • Education • Criminal (adolescence & adults) • Reparation • Learning difficulties, including adults • Child abuse • Fostering & adoption • Child & adolescent psychology • Immigration appeals CV will be E-mailed on request I have supplied reports to and given evidence in the Court of Session, Edinburgh, Belfast High Court, and in most Scottish High Courts and Sheriff courts, on over 1000 occasions. I am registered as an Expert with the law societies of Scotland and Ireland. I am chartered...
Dr Mallen in NORWICH
Dr John Mallen is in private practice as a Clinical Neuropsychologist. He is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS) and is approved by the Health Professions Council as a Practitioner Psychologist (Registration Number: PYL 15629). Dr John Mallen has completed the appropriate British Psychological Society specialist conversion courses in Postgraduate Clinical Neuropsychology and Expert Witness Training, demonstrating the necessary skills, experience...
Dr Woo in LONDON
Dr Woo is an established pain expert for both claimants and defendants. He was awarded Pain Expert of the Year in Lawyer Monthly ’s Expert Witness Awards in 2022. He then won Pain Expert of the Year in Lawyer International 's Legal 100 Awards in 2024. Dr Woo is Consultant in Pain Medicine at King's College Hospital. He obtained his medical degree with honours and multiple prizes from UCL, and an MSc in Pain Management from Edinburgh. He was Lead Advanced Pain Trainer and Supervisor for pain trainees. Dr Woo...
Dr Eaton frequently diagnoses and manages matters including, but not limited to, infections, injuries, hypertension, ischaemic heart disease, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, cerebrovascular disease, dementia, depression, schizophrenia, drug and alcohol misuse, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Dr Eaton has a special interest in sexual and reproductive health, including the provision of vasectomies and subdermal and intrauterine contraceptive procedures.
Dr Farhy in RADLETT
Neuropsychology • Psychological testing • Psychometry • ABI assessment & treatment • Cognitive functioning • Assessment of capacity to learn & change in family law context • Trauma assessment • Personal injury (psychological) • Trauma sequelae • Accident victims • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Psychological assessment of abnormal behaviour, mental disorder, dangerousness & risk • Personality disorders • Psychological counselling & therapies • Psychotherapy • Anxiety disorders • Depressive disorders • Relationships • Pain • Obsessive-compulsive...
Ms Anne Franc CBiol MSB in LONDON
Forensic Equity is a leading provider of forensic science services. With well over 1,000 years of combined experience, our forensic scientists cover all of the major forensic disciplines. All of our services and fee rates are suitable for legal aid applicants. We are always happy to receive case papers and will assess them and provide an initial opinion without charge. Accounting Mark Holdsworth FMAAT CFE MAE Robert Miller BSc(Hons) FCA MAE Biology Nigel Hodge BSc BTh DipPS John Page BA MSBiol CBiol PGDipSciSoc...
Dr Blandford in CLACTON-ON-SEA
Adult psychological assessment for civil & criminal court proceedings: • Cognitive & intellectual functioning (e.g. IQ) • Daily adaptive/social functioning • Capacity & fitness to plead • Executive functioning (e.g. adaptive behaviour, abstract thinking, mental flexibility, problem solving, planning, inhibition & social behaviour) • Malingering • Memory • Suggestibility & compliance • Personality disorders & clinical syndromes • Dementing processes • Affective conditions (e.g. anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD)
Medico-legal reports concerning all aspects of general medical practice • Medical records • Medical ethics • Medical disputes • Personal injury, including road traffic accident and whiplash injuries • Falling, tripping and slipping accidents • Medico-legal aspects of men's and women's health • Medical competence, accidents and negligence • Prescribing and dispensing errors • Therapeutic misadventure • General medical reports in asylum, refugee and immigration cases • Home and prison visits • Coroner • Death certificates • Inquests • Refugees •...
Neuropsychological assessment of brain injury • Special needs reports in catastrophic injury, especially brain injury • Psychological assessment in post-traumatic stress disorder
Dr Edward in EDINBURGH
I am a practising Chartered Clinical Psychologist offering assessment and therapeutic intervention to children and adolescents. I have expert witness experience specifically in relation to children and adolescents. Prior cases have concerned child development, custody, contact, abuse (including sexual abuse), trauma (including RTA) and adoption. Cases involving adults relating to specific issues of trauma or sexual violence may also be considered.
Dr Horsford in LONDON
Neuropsychological assessments • Parenting assessments • Assessment of cognitive & intellectual abilities • Sexual abuse & risk assessments • Mental health & mental capacity assessments • Disability assessments • Drug use & addiction • Occupational stress & depression • Offender assessment & fitness to plead • Performance & fitness to work assessments • Equality, diversity & human rights • Recruitment & selection • Children Act • Employment Tribunals • Unfair dismissal • Expertise working with black & minority ethnic communities • Personal...
Dr Hides in LEEDS
Clinical Psychologist and NHS Clinical Lead with 23 years of experience • Personal injury and RTA • Medical negligence • Cognitive assessments, including learning disabilities and difficulties and assessments of cognitive functioning/IQ • Assessment and treatment of mental health problems such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depression, personality disorder, adjustment disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) • Work-related stress and trauma • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) • Eye movement...
Dr Alwin in BURY
Psychological assessment of adults with regards to: • Personality dysfunction • Consequences of childhood trauma • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Personal injury • Personality & parenting
Dr Anderson in LEICESTER
HCPC registered • Protected titles: Chartered Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist, Occupational Psychologist • In private practice since 1980 • Provided psychological reports & expert testimony in civil & criminal cases in the UK, the USA & Bermuda • Experience in: criminal law, personal injury, prison law, employment matters, immigration, child & family matters, & educational needs
Dr Shah in LONDON
General practice-related incidents • Whiplash injury • Soft tissue injury • Minor accidents & injury Also at: (i) The Grove Medical Centre, 103-105 Grove Road, London , E17 9BU. (ii) The Clementine Churchill Hospital, Sudbury Hill, Harrow , Middlesex, HA1 3RX.

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