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Dr Welsh in LONDON
Oncology • Radiology • Respiratory • Renal cancer • Skin cancers (including melanoma) • Acute oncology • Oncology drug development • In-patient and outpatient oncology • Toxicity • Immunotherapy • Clinical trial ethics applications • Clinical trial protocols and documentation • Pre-clinical oncology drug development
Neurological disorders - diagnosis & treatment • Stroke management & rehabilitation • Epilepsy diagnosis & management • Multiple sclerosis diagnosis & treatment • Parkinson's disease management • Neuromuscular disorders evaluation • Headache disorders - diagnosis & treatment • Neurological trauma - assessment & management • Neurodegenerative diseases evaluation • Neurological imaging interpretation All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Dr Quantrill in LONDON
I specialise in failure to provide (breathalyser) cases in relation to which I have written over 200 reports and appeared in court many times. My other main interest is in asthma related to damp housing.
Dr Krishnan in PINNER
Radiology • Neuroradiology • Diagnostic CT and MRI All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Dr du Toit in BRACKNELL
Paediatrics • Radiology • Paediatric radiology 'Easy to request and there was no problem.' Holly Hepburn, Harrison Legal 'Dr Du Toit is great. We don't have any problems with her. She's quick and effective.' Jasjit Kaur, Powell & Company Solicitors 'She is very efficient and always replies to emails. Overall it is a good experience. The communication part is good where other experts do not reply to emails where we need to chase them.' Marion Milligan, Livingstone Brown All correspondence to: British Medical Experts,...
Radiology • Neuroradiology • Cerebral and spinal angiography • Treatment of acute and elective aneurysms • Mechanical thrombectomies • Treatment of arteriovenous malformations and dural arteriovenous fistulae • Pre-operative tumour embolisation • Parent vessel and balloon occlusion All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Dr Bennett in HUNTINGDON
All aspects of companion animal veterinary medicine & surgery, including: • Orthopaedics • Diagnostic imaging • Reproductive medicine & surgery • Endocrinology • Urogenital medicine & surgery • Avian medicine & surgery • Cruelty cases
Professor Graham in BRADFORD-ON-AVON
General radiology - CT, MRI, plain film and ultrasound • Cancer radiology • Musculoskeletal radiology, including interventional radiology, trauma and sports injuries • Nuclear medicine, including SPECT-CT and PET-CT
Expertise in general oncology • Particular expertise in skin cancer, thyroid cancer, head & neck cancer, breast cancer & pain control in cancer patients • Occupational carcinogenesis
Diagnosis & management of cancer • Radiation therapy planning & delivery • Chemotherapy administration & management • Targeted therapy for cancer • Immunotherapy for cancer • Palliative care for cancer patients • Clinical trials in oncology • Multidisciplinary cancer care coordination • Cancer survivorship care • Expert opinions on oncology-related legal cases All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Personal injury & dental negligence Venues at: • Liverpool, Merseyside • Rhyl, North Wales • Chester, Cheshire • Manchester • Whitchurch, Shropshire 25 years' experience of dento-legal work • Reports for claimant, defendant, General Dental Council, coroner, defence organisations, insurer, council, NHS England & NHS Scotland • Bond Solon trained 1999 onwards • Cardiff University Law School Civil Expert Certificate 2010 Post: Dr Peter Smyth, 34 Ash Lane, Widnes, Cheshire, WA8 8JQ.
Professor Bhatti in MANCHESTER
Dr Bhatti specialises in diagnostic radiology, joint injection therapies, specialised shoulder injection therapies and biological treatments. Dr Bhatti also has a specialist interest in radiological diagnosis of muscle and joint-related pain and sports injuries, simple to complex joint and soft tissue injections, and biological treatments including platelet rich plasma and autologous plasma treatments and fat STEM cell treatments.
Dr Ives in OXFORD
Neonatal medicine • All aspects of the medical management of diseases & disorders of the newborn infant, including: • Resuscitation of the newborn • Newborn intensive care • Birth asphyxia • Hypoxic ischaemic brain injury • Jaundice of the newborn & related brain injury • Kernicterus • Infection in the newborn • Surfactant replacement therapy • Assisted ventilation
Dr Annesley-Williams in MELTON MOWBRAY
All aspects of neuroradiology, including: • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) & computed tomography (CT) of the brain & spine • Head injury • Spinal degenerative disease • Cerebrovascular disease & stroke • Spinal injury & whiplash injury • Brain haemorrhage & aneurysm • Spinal cord damage • Brain tumours • Myelography • Congenital brain & spine abnormalities • Percutaneous vertebroplasty PA Emma Spencer Email: [email protected]
Dr Madhavan in COLCHESTER
Radiotherapy & chemotherapy • Special interest: tumour sites, neuro-oncology, gynae-oncology, head & neck & thyroid cancers • Non-melanoma skin cancers Additional email: [email protected]
Professor Price in WILMSLOW
Delay in diagnosis of cancer • Tumour growth rates • Radiotherapy & chemotherapy
Dr Wilson in OXFORD
Musculoskeletal radiology (bone, joint, muscle, spine) • Trauma imaging • Musculoskeletal disease, including trauma & rheumatology: • Plain radiographs • Ultrasound • Nuclear medicine • Computerised tomography • Magnetic resonance imaging • Percutaneous interventional techniques • Vertebroplasty • Kyphoplasty • Spine intervention 2nd Tel: 01269 846365
Dr Khandanpour in LONDON
Neuroradiology (brain & spine CT & MRI): adults, paediatrics, neonatal Brain • Alzheimer's & other dementias • Stroke/cerebrovascular disease • Vertigo/dizziness • Brain injury • Brain tumour • Cerebral palsy • Concussion • Dementia • Physiotherapy rehabilitation • A & E medicine • Mental health: seizures/epilepsy, numbness, tremor, memory loss, seizures, Bell's palsy, normal pressure hydrocephalus, headache, multiple sclerosis, neuralgia, neuropathy, neuromuscular & related diseases, Parkinson's disease, psychiatric conditions...
Dr Greaves in MANCHESTER
Dr Greaves has an interest in all aspects of diagnostic thoracic radiology, cardiac CT and cardiac MR. Areas of particular expertise include interstitial and occupational lung disease.
Orthopaedics • Trauma • Personal injury • Medical negligence Also at: (i) The Good Health Centre, Leeds , LS8 2AL. (ii) Keats House, London Bridge, London , SE1.
Dr Prashar in MANCHESTER
Management of aortic and peripheral arterial diseases, liver and kidney interventions, including cancer treatment.
Dr Das in WIRRAL
Following my postgraduate degree in medicine, I specialised in radiology & then subspecialised in neuroradiology • Radiologists are the only physicians qualified to provide expert reports on medical imaging • My expertise includes: • All imaging of adult brain & spine, including X-rays, CT, MRI & angiography • Advanced imaging of the brain & spine • Imaging of the brain & spine in all contexts, including tumours, epilepsy, trauma, movement disorders & headaches
Dr Salah Abdou Ali in BLACKBURN
Diagnosis & teatment of cancer • Chemotherapy & targeted therapy • Radiation therapy & immunotherapy • Palliative care for cancer patients • Clinical trials & research in oncology • Cancer screening & prevention strategies • Management of cancer-related symptoms & side effects • Multidisciplinary cancer care coordination • End-of-life care & advanced care planning for cancer patients All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
I am a senior-most Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at Nottingham University Hospital, since 2001. My special interests are neonatal surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, trauma and laparoscopic surgery. I am an examiner for the Intercollegiate Board in Paediatric Surgery for all the four colleges of surgeons in the UK. I have been Consultant Paediatric Surgeon at CNMC Washington DC and Chief of Paediatric Surgery at West Virginia University Hospital, USA. I have over 40 publications in peer-reviewed indexed journals...
Dr Smith-Wildes in ERITH
Cancer diagnosis • Radiotherapy treatment • Cancer treatment All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Dr Butterfield in MANCHESTER
Dr Butterfield specialises in vascular diagnostic and interventional radiology of both the arterial and venous systems. He performs procedures involving all aspects of peripheral vascular intervention, including complex below-knee procedures and pedal access. He also performs aortic stenting and stent grafting, embolisation, arterial thrombolysis and venous interventions. Dr Butterfield has a special interest in drug eluting angioplasty balloons and stents for peripheral vascular disease.
Ms Anne Franc CBiol MSB in LONDON
Forensic Equity is a leading provider of forensic science services. With well over 1,000 years of combined experience, our forensic scientists cover all of the major forensic disciplines. All of our services and fee rates are suitable for legal aid applicants. We are always happy to receive case papers and will assess them and provide an initial opinion without charge. Accounting Mark Holdsworth FMAAT CFE MAE Robert Miller BSc(Hons) FCA MAE Biology Nigel Hodge BSc BTh DipPS John Page BA MSBiol CBiol PGDipSciSoc...
Dr Ostlere in OXFORD
Most aspects of musculoskeletal imaging, including imaging of the spine • Trauma radiology • Magnetic resonance imaging • Diagnostic & interventional procedures • Imaging of the spine • Computed tomography • Ultrasound • Sarcoma
Miss Olver in LONDON
Medico-legal expert on ophthalmology & oculoplastics • Provides expert opinion on causation & prognosis & medico-legal negligence of injuries & complications of eyelid, tear duct & orbital • Especially field of cosmetic oculoplastic surgery • Post-blepharoplasty syndrome • Deals with eyelids, tear film, dry eyes, eyelid scarring, eyelid tumours, tear duct, thyroid eye disease, facial palsy & trauma Secretary: Sophie Taylor - [email protected]
Diagnostic neuro-imaging in adults, diagnostic cerebral angiography and CT/fluoroscopic-guided spinal procedures including myelograms, nerve root injections, facet joint and epidural injections. Consulting in Liverpool/Chester
Dr Shah in OXFORD
Head and neck oncology (including diagnosis, rates of growth, MDT management, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, prognosis) • Breast oncology (including diagnosis, molecular phenotypes, rates of growth, MDT management, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, prognosis)
Professor Khashu in WIMBORNE
Neonatology • Neonatal care • Neonatal intensive care • Neonatal safety • Quality improvement in neonatal care All correspondence to: British Medical Experts, 13 Park Terrace, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 3DG.
Dr Ince in LONDON
Kidney cancer • Prostate cancer • Bladder cancer • Head cancer • Neck cancer • Immunotherapy • Targeted therapy • Chemotherapy • Radiotherapy
Dr Alwan-Walker in MANCHESTER
Dr Alwan-Walker has special interests in all aspects of gastrointestinal (GI) and GI interventional radiology, as well as general paediatric radiology.
Medico-legal reporting as an expert witness and clinical negligence reports of: • Trauma and musculoskeletal radiology • Radionuclide (nuclear medicine) radiology • General and selected interventional radiology Radiology assessment remotely in reports. Prepared to attend meetings and court as required. Additional email: [email protected]
Dr Mathur reports on all aspects of brain and spine imaging, but has a particular interest in routine and advanced brain tumour imaging. He is a core member of the neuro-oncology, pituitary, skull base and neurology MDTs. He has a subspecialist interest in ENT/head and neck imaging, is a core member of the regional head and neck cancer MDT and is also the radiology lead for the NSSG. In addition, Dr Mathur has a keen interest in temporal bone and paranasal sinus imaging.
Dr Tuck has been a Consultant Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist since 2004 and has a special interest in uroradiology (kidney, bladder and prostate), gynaecological radiology and interventional radiology, in particular ultrasound and CT-guided biopsies, embolisation of fibroids, embolisation of varicoceles and CT-guided cryotherapy of renal tumours, as well as nephrostomy and ureteric stenting.
Professor Hoskin in NORTHWOOD
• Professor in Clinical Oncology at the University of Manchester • Honorary Consultant at The Christie Hospital, Manchester, M20 4BX • Honorary Consultant at University College London Hospitals • Honorary Professor in Clinical Oncology, University College London General cancer management & treatment, in particular: • Urological malignancy • Gynaecological malignancy • Lymphoma (non-Hodgkin's lymphoma & Hodgkin's disease) • General radiotherapy treatment, all cancer types • Brachytherapy • General chemotherapy treatment,...
Professor Khan in BLACKBURN
Shah Khan is currently Radiologist at Royal Bolton Hospital (2022-date). Previously, East Lancashire Hospitals since 2003. Fellowship in musculoskeletal imaging and intervention at world-renowned Leiden University Medical Centre, Holland, following radiology training at Bristol. • Medico-legal experience for over 18 years. Average instructions annually are 15-20, with 80% claimant and 20% defendant. • Expert witness in radiological diagnosis of personal injury and clinical negligence. • Professional expertise...
All matters relating to general dental practice and dental implants • Personal injury, report writing and analysis of clinical records • Dental negligence • Previous Chief Examiner at the Royal College of Surgeons of England; MFGDP(UK) postgraduate qualification • Over 400 cases experience • Expert clinical adviser to the General Dental Council Professional Conduct Committee • Cardiff University Bond Solon Civil Expert Certificate

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