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Dr Abou-El-Fadl in ILFORD
• Consultant in general adult psychiatry since 1990 • Medical Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal • Visiting Psychiatrist to Chelmsford Prison 1992-2004 • Long and varied medico-legal experience Reporting regularly to the courts in civil and criminal proceedings on mental health issues in relation to: • Criminal, family and personal injury matters • Clinical negligence • Specific areas of testamentary capacity, fitness to plead and stand trial • Psychological trauma due to accidents, industrial or criminal injury •...
Dr Parsons in COLCHESTER
Christianity - Christian theology, beliefs and practices - PhD and academic book on this area • Global persecution of Christians - particular focus on Islamic contexts - CEO of research centre in this field • Freedom of religion or belief - and historical relationship to UK constitutional history • Radical Islam and Islam and Christian-Muslim relations • Political conservativism - particularly in relation to Christianity - written a major book on this subject • Extremism and historic British values • Conservative politics
Dr Hafidh in LONDON
Country researcher for Middle East and North African countries • Country reports • Document authentication • Disputed nationality • Dialect analysis • Forensic document authentication services (handwriting, tampering, alterations and translation) • Civil society in the Gulf • Islamist movements • Militia groups and radicalisation • Conflict and peacebuilding • Religious and ethnic minorities • Geopolitical trends and regional security • Diaspora and refugees • Human rights issues and modes of governance in the Middle East • LGBTQ and...
Dr McKay in LONDON
General adult psychiatry • Liaison psychiatry • Catatonia • Wernicke's encephalopathy • Psychiatric injury • Personal injury • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Chronic pain Somatic Symptom Disorder Functional Neurological Disorder Negligence (condition & prognosis)
Dr Hassan Zadeh in GRAVESEND
Cultural expertise on Afghanistan and Pakistan • Forensic verification of questioned documents from Afghanistan and Pakistan • Authentication of documents issued in Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Urdu • Language analysis to determine origin and nationality • Forensic linguistic authentication and authorship analysis • Expertise of human rights, safety, internal relocation, protection matters and access to treatment

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