Renal medicine

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Dr Al-Sayed has an interest in renal disorders and acute kidney injury, in particular risk recognition, early detection and intervention in both oncology and non-oncology patients. He has a further interest in electrolyte and acid base disturbances, particularly in patients receiving systemic anticancer chemotherapy.
Dr Robson in LONDON
Consultant nephrologist in a London renal unit since 2002 • Experienced in all areas of nephrology, dialysis and kidney transplantation • Acute and chronic kidney disease • Hypertension • Particular expertise in immune-mediated disease
Professor Warrens in LONDON
General nephrology, with a particular interest in multisystem immune-mediated renal disease & renal failure in the context of multisystem failure • Renal transplantation, including the use of immunosuppressive drugs & their impact on the recipient's immune system
Mr Young treats patients with all general urological problems. He has a specialist interest in endourology and minimally invasive surgical treatments, in particular in kidney stone disease. He also runs a general urology service, including andrology, bladder, stones, bladder cancer, endourology, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, prostate disease and urinary tract disorders.
All aspects of renal disease • Hypertension • All aspects of renal replacement therapy • Special expertise in transplant medicine Consultant in renal medicine for over 25 years • Honorary contract with NHS and Plymouth University as Associate Professor • Past Deputy Medical Director • Trained by Bond Solon • 20 years' experience

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