Rights to light

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Accidents at work & on construction sites, including slipping & tripping cases • Disability accommodation reports • Rights of light cases • Daylight & sunlight studies • Building defects, including investigation of claddings • Construction disputes • Architect negligence cases • Cost of injury, disability, death • Registered Adjudicator • Arbitrator • Mediator
Mr Taylor in SHEFFIELD
Building surveying • Building defects and assessment • Dilapidations • Construction-related matters • Party wall matters • Property surveys • Technical due diligence
Building surveying • All aspects of building litigation, including boundary disputes & defective construction • Subsidence claims, including subsequent remedial measures
With 36 years' professional experience of interpretation and mapping from historic and modern aerial photographs, stereoscopic pairs of analogue aerial photographs, digital aerial imagery, Lidar data and satellite imagery • Interpretation and use of historic and modern map evidence • Evidence provision for heritage and archaeology, legal land use, adverse possession, town and village green matters, boundary issues and disputes, property curtilage and extent, building regulations issues, planning,...
Mr Palos in LONDON
Valuation: commercial & residential • Building pathology • Dilapidations • Professional negligence • Building disputes • Boundaries • Party walls • Rights to light...
Mr Lovell-Kennedy in MANCHESTER
Rights to light • Assessment & valuation of rights to light • Light obstruction notices • Scale & massing of proposed developments & potential rights to light implications
Mr Dransfield in DYMOCK
Construction & building contracts • Building insurance claims • Building disputes • Party wall awards • Rights of light • Architects' appointments • Architects' services • Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007 • Construction technology • Building defects • Boundary disputes • CDM coordinator services

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