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Additional expert Mr John Hilson BSc MICE MCIWEM CEng, Chartered Civil Engineer Richard Allitt Associates Ltd, Unit 10, Edward Court, Altrincham Business Park, Altrincham , WA14 5GL Tel: 0161 359 4037 Email: [email protected] Flooding • Hydrology • Hydraulic modelling • Surface water management • Integrated urban drainage • Drainage & sewerage • Sewerage management • Waste water • Land drainage • Reservoir inundation modelling Change of address due Spring 2024. Please check the website for new address.
Mr Trevor-Jones in BASINGSTOKE
Railway noise • Railway vibration • Environmental noise • Planning & noise • Environmental vibration • Planning & vibration • Building vibration • Building acoustics • Sound in buildings • Sound insulation • Environmental impact assessment • Entertainments noise • Entertainments licensing • Industrial noise • Noise nuisance • Vibration nuisance • Construction noise • Construction vibration
Specialist in the investigation & preparation of reports on the following vehicles & /or their components: • Commercial vehicles, heavy & light • Passenger carrying vehicles • Cars • Plant vehicles • Classic, prestige, collectors vehicles • Off-road vehicles • Motorcycles • Cycles • Established in 1984, with 40 years' experience in the motor trade & transport management • Numerous court appearances, presenting reports & advising solicitors & barristers • First court appearance 1986 & evidence presented in high-profile cases with...
Mr Kelly in email contact only
My area of expertise includes: • Vehicle inspections and valuations • Salvage categorisations • Diminution in market value • Locus reports • Comparison reports • Post-repair inspections and reports relating to the rejection of motor vehicles • Repair assessment in defective goods cases • Mechanical and bodywork vehicle defects • Motor engineering I also have a specialist interest in rare, classic, sports, light and heavy goods and imported vehicles. Also engineer report reviews to assist a barrister with cross-examination.
Mr Church-Taylor in PRESTON
Forensic collision investigation • Road traffic accident investigation & reconstruction • Accident causation & consistency of staged or contrived collisions • Detailed site inspection & locus reports • Examination of motor vehicles & components • Analysis of expert reports • Preparation of computer-aided design drawings & scale plans • Preparation of computer-derived motor vehicle damage assessments & repair costing
Design of earth-retaining structures • Basement design • Site investigation • Slope stability • Geotechnical monitoring • Numerical analysis of geotechnical structures • Ground improvement • Foundation & pile design • Reinforced earth
Mr Goddard in CHEPSTOW
Chartered Engineer with 25 years' experience of reconstructing vehicle collisions • Can interpret scene data, CCTV, vehicle data and damage, producing plans, reports and animations • Researched, tested and developed the forensic field of frozen instrument clusters • Written many peer-reviewed papers and is the author of The Manual of Collision Scene Evidence
Mr Saunders in WINCHESTER
Environmental noise • Community noise problems • Sports noise • Music noise, including public entertainment licence & Environmental Protection Act hearings • Planning enquiries • Transportation noise • Railway noise & vibration • Road traffic noise • Architectural & building acoustics • Building acoustics from studios to synagogues • Building services noise • Workplace & industrial noise • Occupational hearing damage assessments & evidence • Control of plant noise & vibration
Environmental noise impact assessment • Measurement of noise & vibration • Sound insulation • Road traffic noise • Railway noise • Noise, nuisance • Industrial noise • Noise, planning • Building acoustics • Recreation noise
With 25 years’ experience, WeatherNet have expertise and experience in all aspects of weather • Since 1997, WeatherNet have prepared in excess of 2500 weather-related legal reports In the last 25 years, WeatherNet have provided weather-related reports for the following cases: • Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) • Personal Injury Claims (Falling, Tripping and Slipping Accidents) • Flooding and Drainage Claims • Domestic and Commercial Insurance Claims • Liability • Travel and Transit • Agricultural Incidents • Contract Disputes •...
Environmental noise: • Community noise problems • Sports noise • Music noise, including public entertainment licence & Environmental Protection Act hearings • Planning inquiries • Pop festivals • Transportation noise: • Prediction & expert evidence on aircraft noise • Railway noise & vibration • Road traffic noise • Architectural & building acoustics: • Building acoustics from studios to synagogues • Building services noise • Workplace & industrial noise: • Occupational hearing damage assessments & evidence • Control of plant noise &...
Mr Elliott in CAMBRIDGE
Road traffic collision investigation & reconstruction expert witness • Tachograph analysis • Locus assessments • Case review • Vehicle examinations • Seat belt examinations • Criminal & civil cases • Court attendance • Examination of light bulbs • Damage consistency reports • Insurance fraud • Examination of tyres • Death by dangerous driving • Careless driving matters • Liability disputes • Staged collisions • Electronic data recovery from airbag modules & vehicle ECUs • Low velocity whiplash • Personal injury claims • Human factors • Perception...
Mr Widdowson in BURNHAM ON SEA
Over 40 years' experience in highway design & construction with particular expertise in Department for Transport design standards, including driver visibility, stopping sight distances, horizontal & vertical curvature, crossfalls & superelevation • Experience in highway authority standards, traffic management at roadworks, traffic signs regulations, road safety audits, accident records & accident investigations
Mr Guthrie in EDINBURGH
Asphalt and aggregates • Analytical and mechanistic design of pavements • Footway design, including pavers, slabs and natural stone • Pavement engineering • Pavement failure investigation • Falling weight deflectometer analysis • Non-destructive pavement testing • Highway pavement design using DMRB and MCHW • Trunk road maintenance • Contracts and operations • Comprehensive knowledge in technical specification and report writing • Skid resistance and CS228 specification
Mr Meyrick in LONDON
Environmental (light pollution) lighting design All aspects of light pollution, i.e. issues to do with light spill, glare and sky glow. Expert in lighting impact assessments, their structure, content and correct procedure. Interior lighting design Lighting design issues, including lighting design appropriateness, measurement, control and emergency lighting. Exterior lighting design Lighting design issues, including lighting design appropriateness, measurement and control.
Mr Franklin in CHELTENHAM
Use of highways by cyclists • Cycle path design standards • Cycling technique • Cycling proficiency • Cycle routes • Accidents involving cyclists • Cycle helmets
Mr Sorton in PENRITH
Accident investigation, road traffic • Accident reconstruction • Mechanical examination • Forensic examination • Site examination
Occupational noise & vibration exposure assessments, including historical retrospective cases • Planning & licensing matters involving noise or vibration • Forensic acoustic studies as may be required in criminal proceedings, e.g. likely audibility & intelligibility of speech
Mr Dabek in WIRRAL
Reconstruction of road traffic accidents, opinion given on reconstructions already carried out by others • Plans & photographs prepared for use in court • Examination of vehicles in respect of mechanical failures or quality of repair work • Damage consistency
Mr Phillips in BELPER
Forensic collision investigation and collision reconstruction - all vehicle types - specialist in pedestrian/cycle collisions • Forensic vehicle examination - all vehicle types, including large goods, PCV, motorcycles, agricultural vehicles • Specialist large loss forensic vehicle inspections, including seatbelt analysis, mechanical failure, defects and modifications • Scene examination locus reports and scale plan drawing • Review of police reports and 3D laser scan data • LVI • Staged collisions • Suspected fraud
Mr Carr in NEWARK
With over 30 years' professional experience, Robin Carr is able to provide advice, representation & expert reports/expert witness provision on: • The Existence, status & alignment of public rights of way & other highways (both modern & ancient) • Public Rights of Way Orders & Proceedings under the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981; Highways Act 1980; Town & Country Planning Act 1990; Countryside & Rights of Way Act 2000; & other associated legislation • Public Path Orders & Definitive Map Modification Orders •...
Mr Bettridge in GUILDFORD
Public health engineering • Land drainage • Surface water drainage • Foul drainage • Flood studies
Mr Samuel in LIVERPOOL
Road traffic accident investigation and reconstruction • CCTV and dashcam analysis • Personal injury and fatal accidents involving motor cars, motorcycles, public service vehicles, commercial vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians and emergency vehicles • Collision scene reports, plans, photographs, driver factors, vehicle factors, road conditions, skid marks, speed assessment and analysis • Vehicle braking, tyres and wheels • Vehicle mechanical examination • Vehicle data recorder and 'black box' data analysis • Vehicle telematics •...
Mr Puller in SEVENOAKS
Expert in the design, construction & forensic analysis of defects & failures in geotechnical works including: • Deep basements • Deep foundations • Bored piles • Secant piles • Diaphragm walls • Continuous flight auger piles • Barrettes • Rock anchors
Mr Munro in ELY
Highway design • Highway construction • Highway maintenance • Highway construction contracts
Professor Robery in SOLIHULL
Materials specialist, investigating matters involving: • Concrete technology • Warehouse floors & hardstandings • Failure of concrete repair works • Concrete durability & specification • Concrete placing, bleed & shrinkage cracking • Paints & coatings for concrete • Air entrainment of concrete & performance in freezing conditions • Construction in hot climates • Underground concrete construction • Concrete test methods & data interpretation • General forensic examination of construction failures
Dr Richards in LONDON
Structural engineering including: • Subsidence • Structural stability • Structural design of all major construction materials • Vibration of structures • Domestic, residential, commercial properties • Highway structures • Disputes in design • Housing disrepair (structural engineering) • Compliance with Building Regulations and Codes of Practice • High-rise construction • Foundation design (structure)
Mr Colclough in BLACKPOOL
Forensic collision investigation and reconstruction • Vehicle examination • Collision scene analysis • Vehicle examination • Tachograph analysis and route tracing • Expert report preparation • Expert evidence at court • Vehicle prohibition • Vehicle examination training • Crash data analysis • Tyre failure analysis • Tram collision investigation • Driver reaction analysis • Human factors analysis • Speed from CCTV and analysis • Conspicuity • Carriage of dangerous goods • Load security • Police incidents
Mr Easton in BRISTOL
Building surveying • Expert in all aspects of building litigation, including defective construction, including, but not exclusively, drains, cavity walls, mortar, brickwork, roofs, floors, drainage, windows, dampness, condensation, concrete • Valuation for interim or final accounts • Advice on building contracts • Professional negligence • Whether a house is built to NHBC Building Regulations or Building Guarantee Standards • Party wall awards • Expert reports & advice • Compliant with CPR Other offices: (i) 1 Kew Place,...
Mr Barmpopoulos in LONDON
Geotechnical engineering • Geotechnical analysis • Geotechnical design • Geotechnical assessment • Heavy civils • Buildings • Bridges • Basements • Maritime structures • Industrial slabs • Infrastructure • Road pavements • External paving • Site investigation • Desk study • Ground investigation • Groundwater • Seepage • Foundations • Shallow foundations • Footings • Raft foundations • Deep foundations • Bored piles • Driven piles • Rock sockets • Pile testing • Earth retaining structures • Reinforced earth walls • Gravity retaining wall • Gabion walls • Precast concrete...
Mr Roberts in GUILDFORD
Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years' experience of automotive design, development, manufacturing & after-sales, specialising in quality-related aspects • Experienced in the investigation & reporting of any aspect of motor vehicle quality & fitness for purpose
Graham Oakley is a former police forensic collision investigation expert who on retirement formed consultancy Crash Detectives Ltd based in Chelmsford, Essex. During the company's 25 year existence, he has investigated and prepared in excess of 450 forensic investigation reports for the assistance of various levels in both criminal and civil courts, ranging from magistrates' courts through to the high court. Investigations have been carried out on the instructions of numerous law firms, insurance companies,...
Mr Bennett in DORCHESTER
Provision of expert opinion on all legal & technical aspects of vehicle use • Maintenance systems, loading, weighing & measuring • Tachograph design, use & analysis • Accident reconstruction, investigation & statements • Forensic identification & vehicle examination • Vehicle valuation • Heavy goods vehicle & public service vehicle licensing • MOT test scheme design, layout & authority • Legal & technical reports • Public inquiry & court attendance
Mr Walsh in LONDON
I entered the profession as a 5 years indentured student apprentice for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors for plumbing, drainage, water, gas, boiler oils, public health engineering, building services engineering from August 1964 and qualified as an Engineer in 1969. I continued my academic and practical training to complete my professional qualification when I was awarded my Council of Engineering Institutions (CEI) Chartered Engineer (CEng) status in 1983. I became an expert witness in 1984. I...
Mr Tucker in LONDON
Structural engineering • Civil engineering • Forensic engineering • Maritime engineering • Coastal engineering • Design • Construction • Workmanship • Professional negligence • Damage • Defects analysis • Cracking • Buckling • Corrosion • Deflections • Deterioration • Dilapidations • Settlement • Subsidence • Heave • Ground movement • Concrete quality • Concrete durability • Concrete strength • Concrete testing • Basements • Foundations • Refurbishment • New build • Historic buildings • Raised access floors • Floor slabs • Screeds • Structural analysis • Structural stability •...
Mr Wilson in PRESTON
Accident investigation • Forensic collision investigation • Road traffic accident reconstruction • Motor vehicle examinations • Scale plans • Expert reports • Photography & video • Damage profiles, critical speed & other tyre marks • Motorcycle collisions • Police vehicle collisions • Pedestrian collisions • HGV & bus collisions • Tachograph analysis • Video & still photography • Critical appraisal of previously prepared reports • 30 years' experience presenting evidence at court
Mr Hoare in WANTAGE
I was a forensic vehicle examiner employed by Thames Valley and Hampshire Police. I have examined a large number of vehicles over a 20 year period. These would include cars, HGV, PSV, motorcycles and plant equipment. I have identified many stolen vehicles over the same period. I have compiled witness statements for the CPS, and presented expert evidence in Crown, Magistrates', Civil and Coroner's Courts. Since retiring in 2021, I am now an independent forensic vehicle examiner undertaking expert work.
Mr Carpenter in CHICHESTER
Highways • Bridges • Earthworks • Foundations • Drainage • Flood defences • Reinforced concrete • Multi-storey car parks • Retaining structures • Housing • Commercial developments • Sustainable drainage works • Contract administration
Mr Lynagh in TIDESWELL
Investigation of weather events world-wide • Specialist in marine meteorology • Storm analysis • Assessment of the accuracy of weather forecasts • Climate world-wide • Reconstruction of past weather events • Meteorological statistics • Forensic meteorology • Weather information relating to insurance claims • Weather related to accidents
Mr Williamson in LIVERPOOL
I can provide reports relating to most aspects of road vehicles, agricultural machinery & general engineering covering the following subjects: • Accident investigation & reconstruction • Damage, cost assessment (vehicle) • Vehicle valuations • Mechanical failures • Vehicle fire investigation • Photography & video recordings can be provided on these subjects
Civil engineering • Steel erection & cladding • Reinforced concrete structures • Steelfixing & shuttering • Pipelines & drainage works • Scaffolding & work at height • Use of ladders • Tunnelling & tunnelling equipment • Marine work & offshore construction • Augered & impact piling • Grouting • Construction site practice • Earthworks & earthmoving equipment • Excavators & cranes • Contractual disputes & cranes Building • Structural surveys • Building defects • Subsidence & underpinning • Reinstatement following fire, flood or storm • Rising damp...
Mr Smart in BRECON
Advice to legal teams & media on electrical installations, primarily relating to quality of installation & compliance with safety requirements • Experience in litigation, arbitration & criminal cases, manslaughter & drug-related installations
Mr De Silva in LONDON
Structural engineering • Civil engineering • Residential, domestic, commercial, retail, industrial, infrastructure, education, arts & leisure, oil & gas • Buildings • High-rise • Underground structures • Retaining structures • Foundations • Basements • Car parks • Bridges • Ports • Petrochemical facilities • Offshore structures • Wind turbines • Industrial buildings • Heavy civils • Infrastructure • Rail • Airports • Stations • Silos • Domes • Concrete shells • Steel grid shells • Portal frames • Tanks • Liquid retaining structures • Structural analysis • Structural...
Mr Webber in HARROGATE
Soil mechanics • Foundation engineering • Mineral stability • Contaminated land • Slope instabilities • Conditions of contract • Development constraints
Mr Griffin in BURY
Road traffic accident & reconstruction • Personal injury & fatal accidents involving motor cars, motorcycles, public service vehicles, commercial vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians & emergency vehicles • Accident scene reports, plans, photographs, driver factors, vehicle factors, road conditions, skid marks, speed assessment & analysis • Vehicle braking, tyres & wheels
Mr Etherington in BLACKBURN
All types of vehicle damage assessment • Repair costs calculations • Best repair methods for a particular type of damage • Economical repair costs negotiated with repairers • Cars, caravans, buses, coaches, vans, heavy goods vehicles, all sizes of trailer, specialist bodies, refrigerated trailers, claims assessed • Vehicle valuation dispute resolution. Detailed valuations given for all types of vehicle. Valuation of stolen vehicles from documentation. • Assessment of "Diminution in Value". • Disputes in relation...
Motor accident investigation • Forensic inspection of motor vehicles • Collision analysis using PC-Crash • Animation of crash scenarios • Low speed accident investigation • Locus reports • Repair quality & mechanical fault reports • Night time photography (HDR) • Criminal cases - murder, attempted murder, death by dangerous, death by careless • Civil cases - high value personal injury, low speed incidents & fraud, fitness for purpose • Dispute resolution & arbitration
All road traffic matters, specialising in forensic collision investigation in both criminal and civil forums. Key areas include CCTV analysis, vehicle examination, high-speed loss of control, civil litigation, review of other expert's reports, locus reports, plans and technical drawings. Mark is published in his field and has presented his research both nationally and internationally. He is also experienced in training others in this field and has vast experience of giving live evidence.
Buildings & structures • Civil engineering works • Drainage • Infrastructure services
Mr Jolly in GLASGOW
Specialist in civil & structural engineering • Building structures • Nuclear-related structures • Inspections & appraisals of civil work & structures • Roads & drainage for industrial & housing developments • Experience in planning & building warrant submissions • Power industry, including renewable energy, power stations & substations • Embankment failures • Causes of flooding of land & property • Accidents on construction sites • Tripping accidents • Approved certifier of design • CDM Coordinator for CDM Regulations • Structures...
Soil mechanics • Foundation engineering • Mineral stability • Slope instabilities • Conditions of contract • Development constraints • Offshore foundations
Over 40 years of professional experience investigating water-related problems in construction and environmental health. Acted as expert or single joint expert for over 300 civil and criminal cases, arbitration, adjudication and public enquiries. Recent clients have included DEFRA, Drinking Water Inspectorate, NHS, Environment Agency, National House Building Council, local authorities and water PLCs. Specification and management of water systems and water protection in buildings • Drainage • Sewage treatment • Septic...
Mr Palos in LONDON
During the 31 years of my business life I have practised as a surveyor advising on many aspects of residential and commercial property, investment, development and management. This includes: • Valuation • Survey • Pathology • Defect diagnosis • Sale • Letting • Purchase • Management • Repair • Advice on landlord and tenant • Dilapidations • Boundary disputes • Party walls • Right to light • Building disputes I have extensive valuation experience on residential and commercial properties throughout London, the South East and UK wide procured...
Mr Runacres in CHIPPENHAM
Forensic, highways & construction meteorology • Routine & winter highway maintenance • Road traffic accident investigation & reconstruction • Slips, trips & falls • Ice & frost prediction & detection • Thermal mapping • Snow clearance • Adverse road conditions due to weather • Fog, wind, storm & rainfall analysis • Micro-climatology • Estimation of flooding • Road surveying • Surface water drainage • Weather forecasting
Mr Mighall in BATTLE
Professional Competency in National & International Road Haulage Certificate Holder Consulting automobile engineers • Motor vehicle claims assessors & negotiators • Vehicle accident investigation & reconstruction • Specialist in international & national coach crashes • Motor vehicle damage assessments • Motor vehicle engineering & mechanical failures • Classic car damage assessment • Vintage car damage assessment • Vehicle damage specialists & unique vehicles • Emergency services vehicle damage & valuations
Mrs Rumfitt in SHEFFIELD
Investigation of evidence as to status of a highway • Evaluation of Public Path Order Proposals • Assessment of definitive map modification orders & applications
TCRI (Traffic Collision Reconstruction & Investigation Ltd) in WORCESTER
Road traffic accident prevention & reconstruction • Road traffic signals (traffic lights), timing analysis, operation • Cycling, road use • Mechanical accident investigation • Bicycles, motor vehicles, motorcycles & public service vehicles • Tachograph analysis • Motorcycle accident reconstruction • CCTV image analysis • Video image analysis, simulation & visualisation • Accident investigation of pedestrians • Road traffic investigation animation • Seat belt usage, failure & injury causation • Electronic data analysis from airbag...
Mr Corrigan in LONDON
Hugh has over 35 years’ experience in civil, structural and multidisciplinary design, engineering and management of major infrastructure and building projects, including design-build, PFI and BOT projects. He has been responsible for the design and management of many unique building and infrastructure projects, including complex above and below ground structures in difficult ground conditions. Hugh has extensive expertise in civil, structural, geotechnical, transportation, utility, water, wastewater design...
British Weather Services is the UK's longest established and leading independent meteorological organisation - founded 1987 and headed by the founder, senior meteorological observer, Jim N R Dale. We supply expert site investigations, court-ready desk reports, expert witness in court and media interviews. Quick turnaround, no convoluted padded-out reports, very competitive fees and professional conclusions are included within all reports. Trust us, compare the fees and feel free to try us. We are proud to...
Mr Boulton in STAFFORD
Expert in all areas of road traffic accident investigation & reconstruction • The service for civil & criminal matters includes: • Visit to the scene to obtain measurements for scale drawing • Photographs or video, as required • Read & comment on all witness statements • Comment on police reports, including accident investigation reports • Compile full & concise report as to cause of accident, supported by mathematics, where applicable • Give evidence in court, where I have been accepted as an expert for over 20 years
Vehicle examination • Transport operations • Transport operators licence • Tachographs • Accident investigation • Collision investigation • Vehicle testing
Mr Binns in CHESTER
The geotechnical issues relating to the analysis, design, specification & construction of building & civil engineering works, e.g. residential developments, commercial developments, highways, railways, landfills • Specifically in the geotechnical areas of slope stability, quarry stability, foundation design & construction, retaining wall design & construction, highway design & construction, railway design & construction, landfill design & construction • Expert reports on all the above issues
Mr David Winstanley DipASM MITAI LCGI in WIGAN
Personal injury & road death accidents & collisions involving motor cars, motorcycles, public service vehicles, commercial vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians • Human factors, driver reaction times, vehicle factors, road safety audits, speed assessment & analysis • Image analysis from photographs, negatives, transparencies • Photogrammetry • Reconstructions & analysis & interpretation from CCTV evidence • Vehicle examination • Evaluation & analysis of existing reports • Fraudulent claims investigation • Dashcams, helmet cams,...
Mr Nettleton in MANCHESTER
Engineering geology • Rock engineering • Rock falls • Geotechnical engineering • Geology • Foundation engineering • Site investigation • Earthworks & slopes - roads • Earthworks & slopes - rail • Earth-retaining structures • Slope drainage • Slope stabilisation • Landslides • Mines & quarries • Quarries Regulations 1999 • Tips • Tailings, dams & lagoons • Risk assessment • Geohazards • Ground anchors • Geomorphology • Debris flows
Mr Philip Hoyes BEng(Hons) CEng MIMechE MCSFS in PRESTON
Bachelor of Engineering, Chartered Engineer and qualified forensic collision investigator, Philip Hoyes leads the forensic engineering team at GBB. GBB expertise has been credited in the High Court for its ‘research-based and reasoned approach’ and includes services such as: • Collision investigation/reconstruction • Occupant kinematics/biomechanics • Fire investigation • CCTV analysis • Crash data retrieval (CDR) and infotainment analysis • Mechanical and material failures • Road traffic accidents (RTA) • Laser...
Mr Evans in LONDON
Structural engineering • Civil engineering • Residential, domestic, commercial, retail, industrial, infrastructure, education, arts & leisure, oil & gas • Buildings • Retaining structures • Foundations • Basements • Car parks • Offshore structures • Wind turbines • Industrial buildings • Heavy civils • Infrastructure • Portal frames • Tanks • Liquid retaining structures • Structural analysis • Structural assessment • Structural surveys • Structural design • Structural strengthening • Structural repair • Remedial works • Renovations • Professional negligence •...
Mr Ferguson in LONDON
Advice on traffic & access relating to site development • Hotels • Food & non-food retail • Housing & change of use • Support of unitary development plans policy at public inquiry • Traffic impact assessment • Evidence given on behalf of a number of prominent developers & agencies, including Elbrook C & C Ltd, Blue Orange Core, Bright Stars Nursery Ltd & London Borough of Harrow
Mr Wheeler in BILLERICAY
I deal with motor vehicle enquiries, including: • Value • Quality of repairs • Reduction in value following repair • Cause of failure • Methods of repair • Costs of repairs, etc. • I also deal with road traffic accident investigations & reconstructions for both criminal charges & civil litigation
Eur Ing Hancock in LONDON
Acoustics, noise & vibration consultant • Abatement notices • Architectural/building acoustics • Building services (air-conditioning & ventilation) noise • Construction noise & vibration • Entertainment noise • Environmental noise • Expert witness • Industrial noise • Licensing • Noise nuisance • Noise surveys • Occupational hearing loss • Planning appeals & public enquiries • Sound insulation • Transportation noise
Construction safety • Occupational health & safety • Personal injury • Slips & trips • Manual handling • Accident investigations • Flooding damage • Geotechnical engineering • Foundations & earthworks • Embankments & cuttings • Soil & rock slope instability • Subsidence, settlement & heave • Treatment of mineworkings • Landfill engineering • Stabilisation works • Retaining walls • Ground improvement • Contamination • Drainage
Mr Roberts in PRESTON
Forensic collision investigation • Vehicle examination, all classes • Motorcycle examination • Off-road & plant collisions • Motorcycle collisions & dynamics • Damage inspections, analysis & consistency • Tyre mark analysis • Vehicle light bulb analysis • Critical appraisal of available evidence • Speed calculations • Reaction times • Pedestrians & pedal cycle-involved collisions • Detailed site investigation • Preparing detailed but clear reports • Experienced expert witness in presenting evidence at court
Mr Witchalls in READING
Advise public & private sector clients with respect to transport planning, policy & engineering aspects of land & policy proposals & commercial & residential developments in the UK & Europe • Given evidence at High Court planning appeals, plan & CPO inquiries & Select Committee • Key areas of expertise: • Traffic & transport impact assessments • Transport policy • Green travel plans • Parking • Junction assessment & design • Traffic appraisal & modelling • Sustainable transport & development • Interchange design
Mr Newcombe in PRESTON
I am competent to accept instructions in relation to all types of road traffic collisions and associated offences. I served on the Lancashire Police Collision Investigation Unit from 2011 to 2018. During that period I attended a large number of road traffic collisions involving fatalities. I produced reports in relation to these collisions and presented the findings to HM Coroner and the criminal courts. I have given evidence at Manchester, Liverpool and Preston crown courts. I am also qualified to examine...
Mr Barber in MARPLE
Experienced in sewerage and land drainage matters to include: • drainage investigations • drainage design • preparation of drainage contracts • supervision and management of drainage contracts • management of consulting engineers • hydraulic modelling and masterplanning of sewerage networks. Experienced in allegations of professional negligence against consulting engineers Experienced in allegations of bad workmanship against contractors
Mr Jackson in LEEDS
I am a Chartered Quantity Surveyor with significant experience in the construction and engineering industry. My expertise covers professional negligence, contractual disputes, contract administration issues and costs disputes. I am the holder of an expert witness training certificate issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
Mr Gibbs in LONDON
John has over 30 years’ experience as an acoustic consultant, covering all aspects of acoustics. These include environmental noise and vibration surveys, planning noise and vibration impact assessments, architectural acoustics, building services acoustics, acoustic testing, computer modelling and simulation, and construction/demolition monitoring. John provides expert witness services, representing developers, local authorities, publicans and others from the entertainment industry. He has presented evidence...
Mr Wagstaff in MAULDEN
My main specialist field is the analysis & interpretation of forensic evidence & information gathered from road traffic collision scenes & incidents, examination of the vehicles involved, of the interviews of parties involved & other independent witness evidence. I have also specialised in the analysis of tachograph data in relation to speed & vehicle movements during collision events. I am a Bosch CDR Operator, where I am a Certified Technician & Analyst. I am able to analyse CCTV. I am a Certified PC Crash...
Forensic collision investigation and reconstruction • Accident investigation • Collision investigation • Forensic vehicle examination • Mechanical examination of motor vehicles • Locus examination • Vehicle examination • Photography • CCTV analysis • CCTV speed analysis • Tachograph route tracing
Mr Rogers in LOWER UPHAM
Acoustics, noise & vibration consultant • Environmental noise & planning relating to commercial, industrial & residential development • Planning inquiries • Licensing hearings & appeals • Environmental Protection Act hearings & noise nuisance assessments • Road & rail transportation noise • Leisure & entertainment noise • Sound insulation of buildings • Vibration • Gym due diligence & solution diagnostics • Hearing loss claims
Mr Loat in BRISTOL
3D laser scanning and point cloud animation • Full accident investigation reconstruction reports • Scale plans • 2D and 3D animated reconstruction using Relmo software • Examination and interpretation of physical scene evidence • Car and motorcycle/bike camera videos • Locus reports • Attendance at court
Dr Hinnells in DIDCOT
• Expert in how climate change policy impacts major infrastructure, including airports and other transport and utility assets, large commercial or residential development, renewable or conventional power station developments • Expert in public policy, including planning, regulation, taxation and responding to TCFD (Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure) • Expert in energy use, climate change policy and net zero carbon emissions reduction strategies • Acted on both sides (applicants and regulators)...

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