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Dr Taylor in HAWICK
I am an experienced systems and services analyst, having completed a PhD in Analytic Science from Manchester University. I subsequently worked as a Professor of Electronic Systems and Computer Science at universities in the UK and the United States. I joined Hewlett Packard Laboratories as a Principal Scientist, and worked for the UK Home Office as a Technology Innovation Manager. I have since worked as an independent consultant for industrial and government organisations. I have extensive experience...
Mr Makin in MIRFIELD
Business & share valuations • Business interruption • Contract disputes • Security for costs • Section 994 petitions • Diversion of trade • Loss of earnings, benefits & pensions • Loss of dependency • Drug trafficking • Matrimonial disputes • Insurance litigation • Fraudulent insurance claims • Directors' disqualification • Professional negligence • Mediation • Expert determination on appointment by President of ICAEW & directly • Member of Ethics Advisory Committee at ICAEW • Accredited as Forensic Accountant by ICAEW •...
Mr Marsden in MANCHESTER
Forensic accounting including: • Business valuations • Shareholder disputes • Loss of profit claims • Business interruption claims • Warranty disputes • Fraud investigations • Professional negligence • Matrimonial • Expert determination • Partnership disputes • IT disputes • Royalty investigations • Intellectual property disputes • International arbitration
Mr Cohen in LONDON
Quantum, loss of profit, particularly in insurance claims • Business interruption following fire, flood or burglary • Personal injury quantum • Professional negligence claims • Forensic accounting & litigation support • Security for costs application • Employment disputes • Business valuations • Matrimonial disputes • Proceeds of crime • Fraud • Criminal defence • Expert determination
Mr Brewer in WESTCOTT
International wholesale & retail banking systems & operations • Banking & securities payment & clearing systems • Foreign exchange, money markets, commercial lending, bonds, equities & financial derivatives systems & operations • Computer systems design, selection, implementation & project management & related methodologies • Practice of management consultancy • Internet & e-commerce • Insurance systems • Computer evidence • Artificial intelligence • Machine learning • IT intellectual property
Mr Hamilton in PURLEY
A former bank director and consultant to banks and others, also engaged in the arrangement of finance, I specialise in disputes involving:...
Mr Jones in LONDON
Technology - general • IT outsourcing • Blockchain • Digital currencies • Cryptocurrencies Author of The Executive Guide to Blockchain: Using Smart Contracts and Digital Currencies in your Business
Mr Palette in WEDMORE
UK banking operations covering: • Fraud & money laundering, including account opening, account monitoring & customer due diligence • Cheques & electronic payments • Mandates • Mortgages • Credit & securities for lending (commercial & personal) • Retail & private banking disputes • Credit cards & ATMs • Bank notes • Bank account operations • Conduct of bank staff • Private banking
Mr Price in LONDON
Debt and equity capital markets: new issues; trading and market manipulation and abuse • Mergers & acquisitions: company valuation • Corporate finance: disclosure, lending
Quantification of damages in relation to claims in areas such as: • Loss of profit claims • Shareholder disputes • Section 994 claims • Valuation of businesses & shares • Professional negligence claims • Matrimonial claims • Partnership disputes • Fraud investigations • Purchase & sale of business disputes • Financial investigation such as security for costs • Assessment of the merits of litigation • Loss of earnings & personal injury claims
Mr Davidson in LONDON
Providing clear & independent financial analysis & evaluation of arguments towards establishing economic measures of damages & loss • Including: contractual & tortious losses • Loss of profits • Business interruption • Reinstatement claims • Business & share valuation • Corporate finance • Intellectual property • Construction claims • Breach of warranties • Professional negligence • Fraud & financial irregularities • Money laundering, e-commerce & internet fraud • Proceeds of Crime Act cases, confiscation of assets &...
Mr Brigden in AYLESBURY
Nigel is a highly qualified and experienced banker with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of banking obtained during a career lasting over 40 years, with excellent contacts throughout the City of London. He is currently working on a part-time basis as a consultant at a trade association in the City involved in responding to the government's proposals for the new Payments Regulator. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President and Head of Operations at an overseas bank with responsibility...

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