Sheet piling

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Professor Robery in SOLIHULL
Materials specialist, investigating matters involving: • Concrete technology • Warehouse floors & hardstandings • Failure of concrete repair works • Concrete durability & specification • Concrete placing, bleed & shrinkage cracking • Paints & coatings for concrete • Air entrainment of concrete & performance in freezing conditions • Construction in hot climates • Underground concrete construction • Concrete test methods & data interpretation • General forensic examination of construction failures
Mr Carlisle in WETHERBY
All areas of disputes involving piling, diaphragm walling and foundation engineering (method, technical, quantum, delay, contract)
Pile construction, including: • Difficulties in the formation of cast in situ piles • Excesses in pile tolerance • Deficiencies in pile integrity • Effects of noise and vibration, and incorrect method causing disturbance and nearby building settlement
Mr Puller in SEVENOAKS
Expert in the design, construction & forensic analysis of defects & failures in geotechnical works including: • Deep basements • Deep foundations • Bored piles • Secant piles • Diaphragm walls • Continuous flight auger piles • Barrettes • Rock anchors
Design of earth-retaining structures • Basement design • Site investigation • Slope stability • Geotechnical monitoring • Numerical analysis of geotechnical structures • Ground improvement • Foundation & pile design • Reinforced earth
Mr Billingham in AMERSHAM
Foundation failures, including heave & subsidence-related problems • Building defects of structure & fabric, including concrete, steel, timber & masonry buildings, whether prefabricated or in situ • Footbridge & cycle bridge-related problems of deck & structure • Concrete failures due to contamination, chloride attack, carbonation, sulphate attack, alkali-silica reaction, together with pollution-related problems & their effect • Prestressing & related problems, including prestressed & post-tensioned in situ...

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