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Geotechnical engineering • Site investigation • Foundations • Settlement & subsidence • Earth-retaining structures • Slope stabilisation • Earthworks & roads • Soft compressible soils • Ground treatment • Tailings dams, tips & lagoons • River diversions, canals, weirs, irrigation • Groundwater & geohydrology • Mines & quarries • Environmental remediation • Contaminated & derelict land • Pollution studies & treatment • Waste management & disposal • Chemical waste • Geosynthetics & geomembranes
Glass analysis • Paint analysis • Fibre analysis • Footwear mark & toolmark comparisons • Forensic evidence, general • Analytical chemistry • Drink drive calculations • Drug analysis, valuation & packaging • MDT analysis • Drug driving • Electronic tags
Soil mechanics • Foundation engineering • Mineral stability • Slope instabilities • Conditions of contract • Development constraints • Offshore foundations
Hayley Ash leads the forensic engineering team at Keith Borer Consultants. She specialises in both civil and criminal cases involving road accident investigation and reconstruction, vehicle examination, personal injury and collisions involving cars, motorcycles, public service vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Her reports deal with human factors, driver reaction times, vehicle factors, road safety audits, speed assessment/analysis and image analysis....
Mr Jaaback in TONBRIDGE
Expertise in the areas of sports pitches, golf courses, civil engineering sites, leisure & reclaimed areas • On new projects, services extend through from feasibility studies & documentation, to construction & establishment, with special emphasis on earthworks & drainage • On existing projects, services include detailed assessments, performance quality standards & maintenance management, & environmental hazards relating to sporting facilities & injury from irregular playing surfaces
Mr Hodgkiss in NORWICH
Expert advice can be given in all aspects of asbestos in the field of occupational hygiene, including historic exposure assessment, rent arbitrations or litigations resulting from irreversible damage to belongings & /or property
Mr Webber in HARROGATE
Soil mechanics • Foundation engineering • Mineral stability • Contaminated land • Slope instabilities • Conditions of contract • Development constraints
Professor Wiltshire in ASHTEAD
Forensic ecology • Forensic botany • Forensic palynology • Forensic mycology • Vegetation analysis • Plant identification • Fungi identification • Gut contents analysis • Crime scene evaluation • Soil & sediment analysis of organic particulates • Differentiation of kill from deposition sites • Human remains location • Identification of offender pathways • Timing of events (post mortem interval) • Poisoning by plants & fungi
Mr Whitehead in RIPON
Chartered Arboriculturalist • Chartered Surveyor • Holder of the Cardiff University 'The Certificate of Expert Witness Accreditation' • Tree-related subsidence, including tree-induced clay shrinkage beneath building foundations • Tree root identification • Root nuisance caused by physical force on structures • Tree root damage to drains • Tree Preservation Orders & matters of tree planning law • Planning applications & appeals with regard to trees • Tree condition, diseases & diagnosis • Invasive weeds • Boundary...
Mr de Silva in LONDON
General civil & structural engineering • Maritime works, including docks & harbours • Reinforced concrete, design & durability • Sub-structures, basements, foundations & piling • Offshore structures • Dams & associated hydraulic structures • Tunnels: bored, drill & blast, & cut & cover • Earth- & water-retaining structures • Waterproofing • Floor finishes
Natural & artificial turf & sports surfaces • Soil, grass, top dressing & rootzone materials quality, field & laboratory testing • Playing & surface quality assessment • Drainage & attenuation • Safety & quality assessment Design, management, construction procedures & materials for all sports played on natural & artificial (outdoor) surfaces: golf, football, rugby, hockey, cricket, bowls, croquet, polo & amenity sports surfaces • Domestic lawns, natural & artificial • Multi-use games areas (MUGAs), 3G...
Mr Ruse in LONDON
Specialist in building & construction problems • Forensic engineering • Professional negligence claims • Building defects • Investigation of structural failures • Material failure investigation • Foundation problems & subsidence • Soil survey & testing • Foundation design • Structural reinstatement • Condition surveys • Party wall disputes • Risk assessment • Clear, concise, easily understandable reports which get to the heart of the matter
Dr Dowrick in NORWICH
Forensic reports • Microscopic investigation • Technical photography • Scientific photography • Biological photography • Light microscopy • Phase contrast microscopy • DIC microscopy • Macro photography • Micro photography • Micro videography • Timelapse capture - macro and micro • Flow cytometry • Cell biology • Microbiology • Entomology • Food science
Dr Purnell in ST ALBANS
Health risk assessment & control of hazards in the workplace • Occupational hygiene • Noise • Hand-arm vibration • COSHH • LEV • Personal protective equipment • Legionella risk assessment & control Areas of expert witness work include: • Investigation of workplace accidents and environmental pollution incidents • Identification of causative factors in cases of occupational ill-health • Examination of work environments and equipment following failure and/or injury • Inspection...
Mr Gallagher in MANCHESTER
Containment systems engineering for landfills, tailings lagoons & heap leach pads • Geosynthetics engineering & use • Geosynthetics testing • Steepwall lining systems for deep quarry landfills • Composite lining systems, including clay, bentonite-enriched soil (BES), geomembranes, geotextiles • Leachate & landfill gas • Earthworks • Safety & risk in geotechnical engineering • Construction quality assurance (CQA) • Waste management & disposal • Ground investigation

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