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Simon Burnay MEng(Hons) MRINA & Nigel James AFNI in LONDON
Role of the Prudent Shipmaster: • Marine accident investigation • Charter Party disputes • Unsafe ports & berths • Due diligence • Navigation • Collisions • Groundings • Seamanship • ISM code • Hold cleanliness • Hatch covers • Cargo stowage & securing Ship operations: • Ship management • Ship performance • Seaworthiness • Passage planning • Fumigation • Liquefaction • Ship-handling • Weather routing • Containers Bulk cargoes: coal, concentrates, grain, ore, fertilizer, steel, timber, rice, sugar, DRI, fines, scrap, cement, sulphur Tankers: crude oil,...
Dr Cook in CARDIFF
Fire investigation • Explosion investigation • Bulk cargo investigation • Bulk solid cargo subject matter expert
Dr Rose in LONDON
Building fires • Explosions • Marine fires • Vehicle, plant and machinery fires • Cargo spoilage • IMSBC cargo • IMDG cargo • Liquefaction • Contamination and pollution
Captain Horan in LONDON
Marine fires • Cargo spoilage • IMSBC cargo • IMDG cargo • Liquefaction

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