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Dr Devine in BRISTOL
My consultant role includes both acute and more long-stay traditional geriatric and general medicine, and I have an interest in perioperative care and syncope. I have extensive experience of writing legal reports on acute medical matters, as well as more specific geriatric problems such as falls and delirium.
Dr Segal in LONDON
With 15 years’ experience as a Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist (an expert in heart rhythm disorders) in London teaching hospitals (including at the largest arrhythmia centre in Europe) and 12 years as a medico-legal expert, Dr Segal combines knowledge and breadth of experience based on high case volumes and procedural technologies to produce objective, incisive reports on a range of electrophysiological/heart rhythm-related injuries from life-threatening to minor, from complications of catheter...
Professor Cock in LONDON
Subspecialty expertise in epilepsy, encompassing all aspects relating to the causes, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment (medical and surgical) of epilepsy other than of conditions and syndromes exclusive to childhood • Expertise in common conditions misdiagnosed as epilepsy (e.g. faints, psychogenic non-epileptic attacks) • Experience in psychiatric conditions complicating epilepsy (e.g. post-seizure psychoses, automatisms during and after seizures) and advising on occupational health matters relating to epilepsy •...

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