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Dr Kouble in SHEFFIELD
Dental identification • Dental aspects of child abuse • Dental aspects of non-accidental injury • Bite mark analysis • Forensic dentistry • Forensic odontology • Forensic odonto-stomatology • Dog bite injury analysis
Dr Millhouse in CAMBRIDGE
All matters of clinical negligence & personal injury relating to general dental practice • Particular interest in endodontics (root canal treatment), cosmetic dentistry, crown & bridge work, periodontology (gum treatment) & implantology
Gary Simon specialises in the preparation of dental personal injury & negligence liability & causation & condition & prognosis reports • Reports are prepared on the instruction of solicitors acting for claimants or defendants, together with single joint expert instructions • All reports comply with current court rules • Accredited Member of the Academy of Experts • Expert (1st tier) Association of Personal Injury Lawyers...
Mr Speculand in BIRMINGHAM
Facial & jaw injuries • Dental surgery • Facial pain • Oral & maxillofacial surgery • Temporomandibular joints, injuries...
Dr Campbell in WAKEFIELD
Authorised analyst for Road Traffic Act, back calculations, spiking, etc. • Public Analyst - all aspects of chemical analysis of food and interpretation in a legal context: composition, additives, allergens, contaminants, authenticity, description, foreign body identification, nutritional analysis, food fraud, illegal dyes, food contact materials, nutritional and health claims • Agricultural Analyst - analysis of animal feeds
Head & neck trauma • Facial fractures & allied soft tissue injuries, & their management • Oral surgery • Dental extractions & oral pathology • Facial pain, including jaw joint (TMJ) problems & surgery • Facial deformity & its treatment, including orthognathic surgery • Surgical dermatology • Salivary gland disease • Dental practice emergencies
All aspects of orthodontic treatment planning, treatment & care • Dental surgery • Orthodontic surgery • Cleft lip & palate • Dental injuries
Dr Kumar in LONDON
Career • Dental surgeon for over 30 years with expertise in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry • Implant surgeon for over 17 years • Special interest in orthodontics for over 16 years • NHS and private dentistry experience for 30 years Expertise With over 10 years’ experience in writing reports and audits for dental surgeons and lawyers in matters arising from patient and regulatory complaints • Expertise on breach and...
Dr Taylor in RADLETT
Bite mark analysis in cases of child abuse, rape, murder • Age assessment from teeth • Post-mortem identification by dental means • Civil litigation in cases of dental malpractice • General dental practice for patients who are medically compromised
All matters relating to general dental practice • Personal injury, report writing & analysis of clinical records • Dental negligence • Previous Chief Examiner at the Royal College of Surgeons of England; MFGDP(UK) postgraduate qualification • Over 400 cases experience • Expert clinical adviser to the General Dental Council Professional Conduct Committee • Cardiff University Bond Solon Civil Expert Certificate
Mr Talbot in BATH
Dentistry • Restorative dentistry • Injuries claims & malpractice suits involving teeth & jaws
Mr Goulden in LONDON
Dental negligence • Personal injury, civil • Personal injury, criminal • Forensic dentistry • Teeth
Mrs Smith in SLOUGH
Fingerprint Expert with more than 29 years' experience, having conducted thousands of fingerprint comparisons and examined crime scene and fingerprint evidence in numerous cases, with offences ranging from burglary, fraud, immigration matters and theft to arson, rape, terrorism and murder. Has also attended Crown Courts, Magistrates' Courts and Youth Courts to give expert advice and testimony on many occasions. Work includes:...
Professor Tipton in MANCHESTER
Dental implants • Personal injury • Motor accidents • Litigation • Dental malpractice • Second opinions • All relating to damage to teeth and supporting structures that would need advice and attention of a cosmetic or restorative dentist • Including: damage to temporomandibular joints, tooth loss and replacement by osseointegrated implants • Tooth fracture • Whiplash injuries...
Mr Hussain in DONCASTER
Head & neck trauma • Facial fractures & allied soft tissue injuries & their management • Oral surgery • Dental extractions & oral pathology • Dental & facial implants • Facial pain, including jaw joint (TMJ) problems & surgery • Facial deformity & its treatment, including orthognathic surgery • Surgical dermatology • Salivary gland disease • Dental practice emergencies • Oral & facial cancer & reconstruction...
Mr Gordon in LONDON
Dental negligence & malpractice • Second opinions • Personal injury • Dental treatment planning • Appropriate referral management • Dental X-rays • Dental record cards & record keeping • Consent • Dental crown & bridgework • Root filling work • Gum disease • Road traffic dental injuries • Adverse NHS complaint & disciplinary reports • Inter-professional disputes • Approximately 120 reports per year • No charge telephone opinion • Reports in 2 weeks...
Professor Cooper in CAMBRIDGE
Veterinary science with special reference to birds, reptiles & other exotic species • Wildlife • Pathology, gross & microscopic • Forensic work • Laboratory techniques • Tropical diseases • Zoonoses (diseases transmissible from animals to humans) • Animal bites, scratches & venoms • Zoos • Conservation • Animal welfare • Work overseas, especially Africa & Caribbean • RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Pathology
Dr Senghera in LONDON
Treatment of traumatic injuries, including the quantification and prognosis of remedial treatment, including crowns, veneers, bridgework, osseointegrated implants and root canal treatment. With 15 clinic locations across London and the home countries....
Personal injury & dental negligence...
Dr Mills in LONDON
General dentistry • Formerly Clinical Director of MSc Implant Dentistry programme at Warwick University • This course covers surgical, prosthetic and restorative phases of dentistry, so I am available to work in these fields
Dr Winstone in DARTFORD
General dental surgery, including: • Traumatic or accidental dental injury • Dental pain or pathology • Gum disease & tooth loss • Root canal treatment & related pathology • Complications in dentistry • X-rays in dentistry • Consent in dentistry • Cosmetics in dentistry • Infections in dentistry • Professional negligence in dentistry • Pain in dentistry • NHS dentistry • Treatment planning • Bond Solon trained in report writing, courtroom skills & cross-examination • Dental negligence specialist with 39 years in dentistry...
Periodontology, diseases & affections of the gums & supporting structures of the teeth • Holder of Cardiff University Law School Expert Witness Certificate & the Bond Solon CPR Awareness Certificate
Dr Marshall in LLANYBRI
General dentistry • Odontology • Restorative dentistry • Interventional facial aesthetics • Implantology
Mr Attenborough in GUILDFORD
Oral & maxillofacial surgery • Dental implantology • Reconstruction of jaws • Soft tissue repair techniques
Dr Davidson in EPSOM
Forensic veterinary medicine & surgery in cases involving injury, neglect & cruelty particularly in the following species: • Dogs, cats, small pets such as rabbits, small rodents, caged birds, pigeons • Forensic matters involving injuries to persons from animals, including confirmation of identity of animals involved & the linking of human injuries to particular animals • Forensic behavioural evidence particularly relating to dogs, cats & horses • Dangerous dogs, including identification of the types proscribed...
Experienced in all aspects of general dental practice, including crowns, bridges, implants, root canal & gum treatment • NHS & private complaints • Professional negligence • Personal injury • Trained in medico-legal report writing & Court appearance
Dr Rose in LONDON
General dentistry • Cosmetic work • Implants • Full mouth reconstructions • Reconstructions after accidents & trauma • Gum treatment • Root canal treatment • Bridges • Crowns • Veneers • Dentures • I started with hospital posts & university teaching • High quality reports • Rooms accessible from all over the country...
Dr Beach in SPALDING
Currently practising in general practice • All matters relating to teeth • Personal injury - civil & criminal • Negligence • Inter-professional disputes • Loss of earnings • Business administration
Mrs Markos in STAFFORD
General dentistry • Veneers • Restorative dentistry • Gingival & periodontal diseases • Bridges • Crowns • Implant • Dental injuries
Mr Courtney in PLYMOUTH
Maxillofacial surgery • Oral surgery • Facial surgery • Head & neck surgery • Head & neck cancer • Head & neck reconstruction • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) surgery • Dental implants • Facial implants • Trauma • Fractures • Dental trauma • Facial trauma • Facial fractures • Jaw fractures • Orbital fractures
Mr Bonner in LONDON
Prosthodontic dentistry • Dental crown • Dental bridgework • Dentures • Facial reconstruction by prostheses • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction • Head & neck muscular pain • Headaches • Dentistry
Miss Bell in DOUGLAS
Dermal fillers • Lip fillers • Filler complications • Chemical peels • Botox • Laser hair removal • Intense pulse light lasers • Threads • General dentistry • Cosmetic dentistry • Dental trauma

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