Telecommunications systems

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Mr Dilloway in BRISTOL
I have over 45 years' experience working with computers and more than 20 years and 300 cases as an expert witness. My work clarifies technical evidence simply and concisely, and assists common understanding of cases among lawyers, clients and experts. I produce clearly worded reports and clear spoken evidence. Criminal cases include indecent images, terrorism, false accounting, computer misuse and unauthorised access, fraud, extreme and prohibited images, drug importation and cultivation....
Mr Allan Watton in WIGAN
Expert Services The specialists within Best Practice Group have extensive experience in providing Expert Witness Services as part of litigation or dispute resolution. We work with firms of solicitors and barristers along with their clients and lay-clients to provide wholly objective and independent Expert Witness Services. Our technical people assess technical evidence to determine levels of liability and delineation of roles and responsibilities in major programmes and projects. Our...
Mr Sykes in LONDON
Information technology • Telecommunications • Electrical & electronic engineering • Microelectronics • Industrial electronic machine/process controllers • Software products & systems • Public & private sector technology procurement projects • Project delay analysis • IT outsourcing & project disputes • IT fitness for purpose • Patents & intellectual property rights • Computer control systems • Data centres...
Mr Shaw in LONDON
Artificial intelligence, AI, AR, 5G holograms • Blockchain • Smart contracts technology • Coding, Assembler machine language through to Z-notation • Cybersecurity, defence and offence, breaches • Data privacy • Digital media and IT technology • Due diligence • eDiscovery • Failed projects • Fintech, pure technology, start-ups and investments • Hardware, middleware, design and architecture • IoT • Network, telecoms • Software, forensic and anti-forensic • Technology development, risk and program failure

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