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Mr James Acott MSc MIFireE MAE IAAI CFI(V) in ALTON
Fire & explosion investigation in domestic & commercial properties • Lightweight & commercial vehicles & machinery, including agricultural & construction plant • Identifying fires caused by deliberate acts, manufacturing defects, poor maintenance & repairs, construction work & electrical faults in distribution equipment, appliances & fixtures • Investigated several large complex fires involving large storage & distribution warehouses, retail units, factories & construction sites • Kitchen ducting...
An active fire investigator qualified to Masters level following experience in fire investigation and the fire and rescue service. I have experience in investigating electrical fires arising from defective equipment, poor installation and tampering. Examples of items involved in previous fire cases: electrical equipment, domestic appliances, domestic electricity supply equipment, computers (desktop and laptop), open fires, solid fuel stoves, flues and chimneys, batteries (laptops and hoverboards,...
Mr Mike Burroughs BSc(Hons) MSc MA FIFireE in LISKEARD
Fire, arson & explosion forensic investigation • Cold case • Fire: domestic, commercial, agricultural, consumer product, domestic appliance, dust, electrical, camping, boats, marine, motor vehicle, gas • Fire damage: buildings, equipment • Personal injury by fire • Smoke damage • Fire-related murder • Fire safety: fire risk assessment • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 • Structural timber buildings: off-site risk assessment • Separating distance guidance • 16 Steps to Fire Safety
Eur Ing Jones in RUNCORN
Investigating the causes of fires, explosions, electric shocks, personal injuries, vehicle fires, engineering failures & matters of contractual dispute • Assisting with litigation processes & appearing as expert witness • Training & lecturing in above matters can be provided, especially for continuing professional development
Arson investigation • Forensic fire investigation • Fire scene examination • Origin & cause of fire determination • Investigation of gas & vapour explosions • Arc mapping • Fire-damaged gas & electrical appliances • Heat-damaged clothing • Incendiary devices • Smoke detector examination • Ignitable liquid analysis interpretation • Burning tests • Photovoltaic module fires • Cold case reviews...

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