Water engineering

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Drinking water quality • Water treatment (oxidation, coagulation, flocculation, filtration, membranes, desalination, adsorption, disinfection) • Water resources • Groundwater & network water quality (transmission & distribution infrastructure) • Microbiological & chemical contamination • Sampling & analysis • Potable water supply & demand management • Water engineering design & consultancy • Process engineering • Instrumentation, data analysis & control • Water utilities regulations, policy, procedure & operation
Water-related aspects of public and environmental health • Specification, costing and testing of water, sewerage and damp-proofing systems • Microbiology and control of infectious waterborne diseases, moulds and related allergenic agents • Sampling of airborne mould spores • Diagnosis and remediation of water ingress, flooding and structural dampness in buildings • Stormwater drainage and flood analysis • Sewage treatment plants, septic tanks and soakaways • Occupational hygiene, health risk assessment and...
Flood risk assessments • Flood modelling • Flood risk management • Hydrology • Catchment studies • Emergency management
Mr Walsh in LONDON
I entered the profession as a 5 years indentured student apprentice for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Plumbing, Drainage, Water, Gas, Oil, Public Health Engineering, Building Services Engineering from August 1964 and qualified as an Engineer in 1969. I continued my academic and practical training to complete my professional qualification when I was awarded my Council of Engineering Institutions (CEI) Chartered Engineer (CEng) status in 1983. I became an Expert Witness in 1984. I became a...
Eur Ing Clayton in LONDON
Specialist in all aspects of municipal & industrial water & wastewater treatment & process technology & treatment methods, water & wastewater quality, environmental protection & health & safety on process systems, & dispute resolution....

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