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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Expert Witnesses
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PI Insurance cover
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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Expert Witnesses

Policy Coverage

We have worked hard with Lockton to ensure the UK Register of Expert Witnesses Professional Indemnity Insurance scheme is tailored to the needs of expert witnesses. The key points of the insurance are that for your expert witness work it:
  • protects you against your legal liability for losses suffered as a result of any negligent advice you give and any errors or omissions you make
  • is written on an Any One Claim basis, which means that, should multiple claims arise, there will not be a cap on the amount of cover provided under the policy
  • provides full retroactive cover so the uncertainty over exactly when the Kaney ruling removed expert witness immunity (and that may be as early as November 2005) need not trouble you because cover under the policy will go right back to your first piece of expert witness work
  • includes full defence costs
  • includes £250,000 cover for lost or damaged documents
  • includes £250,000 cover for any proceedings brought by your professional regulator

The scheme also offers the option to buy a run-off policy when you retire from active expert witness work which will provide 6 years protection against any claim that arises on completed cases.

If you want to know more about the policy coverage, you can read the policy document, or talk to Lockton.

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