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It’s unlikely you’ll want to mail all 11,392 litigation lawyers in one go. So how can you select just those litigation lawyers you want and stay within your budget? With LawyerLists you can cut the mailing list down to size by specifying a central location and a catchment distance (e.g. within 25  km of CB1). We did say this was simple!

Step 1: Filter by location

  • Simply specify the postcode of your central location, maybe your business address. (If you’re uncertain of the postcode, click on ‘Look up postcode by town’)
  • Set the distance (in km) you’d like the search to encompass. You can set minimum and maximum distances. If you leave the minimum distance at 0 km you will be drawing a circle around your central location. If you set it greater than zero you will draw a doughnut shape. This is useful if you want, say, to mail all lawyers within 40 km to start with, then follow up with a mailing to all the lawyers within 80 km but excluding those you have already mailed.

Step 2: What's in a name?
Put simply, a list of named contacts is more expensive than a list of law firms (which you could address simply to ‘The Litigation Partner’). It’s for you to balance the desire for a named individual against cost and size of the mailing list. LawyerLists will then find all the addresses within the search radius set.

Step 3: Choose the output type to suit need and budget
No two marketing campaigns are alike. So LawyerLists lets you balance appearance with cost by offering a range of output options.

  • Label - The cheapest option is to have your selected addresses sent to you on Avery address labels. The down side is you can't use your list to personalise the marketing material itself.
  • PDF - If personalisation of your marketing material is important, then why not use our mailmerge facility? You provide us with the text of your mailing letter, and we’ll prepare an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file containing your personalised material. You can then print this out onto your stationery. We can undertake the printing and fulfillment of your mailing should you wish. Just call for price information.
  • Database - The final option is to purchase a database of contacts, in Word, dBase or Excel format, with a licence for multiple mailings. This offers the flexibility of multiple mailings to your marketing campaign.

And don't forget, every contact we sell is covered by our 130% refund policy.

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