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The latest from Your Witness Issue 80: In this issue we take a quick look at a problem that can occasionally arise with joint statements, before moving on to explain the latest government attempt to correct the litigation 'marketplace' in the high-volume, low-value road traffic accident personal injury sector – MedCo. This new system is supposed to prevent lawyers making money out of medico-legal reporting, but we conclude that it has a low chance of success. In an adversarial justice system, it can be argued that natural justice demands that each party should have a fair and equal opportunity to test the witness evidence. We ask how far this requirement should be allowed to override more practical concerns of the courts. We also conclude our two-part series looking at the role mathematical errors have played in court. Look out for the ‘Earth girdle’ – it demonstrates just how unhelpful our human intuition can be! And even though there’s an increasing focus on costs control by the courts, we report on a case in which fairness was allowed to trump parsimony. Our Helpline has inspired our final article which considers what an expert should do if an enquiry to instruct arrives from a party that has previously been on the other side of a case.

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