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Why turn to the Register when you need a new expert witness?

  1. Independent vetting – Vetted experts supported by legal recommendation – view vetting data on line
  2. Informed experts – With free access to unrivalled information resources (newsletter, factsheets, court reports, etc.), our experts can work with you more effectively
  3. Fulfil your responsibilities – In civil cases, forward our free Practical Guidance for Expert Witnesses in Civil Cases as an expert’s guide to the relevant rules, protocols and codes of conduct
  4. Industry-leading indexing – Comprehensive evolving index with more than 23,000 index terms… find the right expert quickly
  5. Flexibility – Published on paper and on line, choose the format that suits you best. Take control of your expert witness intelligence
  6. Tiered information provision – Expert’s brief entry leads to an A4 profile sheet and then a detailed CV, plus average fee rates

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  • “The Register is the only directory of expert witnesses we buy.”

    Gail Sanderson, Davies Arnold Cooper
  • “This Register cannot be too highly praised for its content and vast knowledge”

    L Howarth, Andrew Thorne & Co
  • “We have found the Register to be a most valuable and useful product...”

    Robinson, Solicitors

Use the Register however you like!

As a book

Divided into three main sections:

  • the subject index
  • the list of expert witnesses
  • additional indexes.

Take it with you anywhere.

On-line through your phone, tablet or laptop

... for the most up to date details when you have internet access

  • Largest expert search site of its kind in the UK
  • Available free, 24 hours a day
  • Updated daily
  • Search by browsing the subject index
  • Restrict searches geographically
  • View more detail in expert profiles and CVs
  • Vetting information, including date of most recent vetting and total number of recommendations


‘… this Register cannot be too highly praised for its content and vast knowledge.’

Andrew Thorne & Co, Solicitors

Expert vetting and quality

... lawyer recommendations

From its start in 1988, the UK Register of Expert Witnesses has objectively checked the witness part of the expert witness equation. That’s for all applicants, no exceptions.

  • All experts listed as vetted have been independently vetted by us.
  • There are no exceptions to our vetting procedure

Our vetting procedure

  • We contact instructing lawyers direct
  • Is the lawyer satisfied with the expert’s work in a number if categories: civil, criminal, SJE, report writing, courtroom skills, etc.
  • Periodic re-vetting offered for experts to update skills set information

Re-vetting process

... ongoing scrutiny

Periodic re-vetting

Once experts have successfully gained entry into the Register, they have the option to subject themselves to periodic re-vetting.

Through voluntary periodic re-vetting, experts can update their skill set details.

  1. Vetting data published via the app and on line
  2. Most recent vetting date shown for each aspect of the expert’s role
  3. Total number of positive recommendations gained so far

Help Fulfil your Obligations with our Free Expert Instruction Guide

Practical Guidance

Part of your role as an instructing lawyer is to ensure that the expert is familiar with:

  • any relevant rules, protocols and codes of conduct
  • the form the expert report must take.

Our Practical Guidance for Expert Witnesses in Civil Cases meets these requirements and more. Use it to demonstrate that you have made efforts to ensure your expert has all the necessary detail.

Using the Guide

Practical Guidance for Expert Witnesses in Civil Cases may be used free of charge by lawyers who subscribe to the UK Register of Expert Witnesses so long as:

  • the Guide is used in its entirety
  • the Guide is not altered in any way
  • the have been read and accepted.

Download now

To use Practical Guidance for Expert Witnesses in Civil Cases, your firm must be a subscriber to the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. If you are a subscriber, you will find the Guide on your subscriber page. Contact us if you are not sure how to access your subscriber page.

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Please note the under which we offer this service. The fee covers our time to conduct the searches and is payable whether or not you ultimately choose to instruct one of the named experts.

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