About the Register

... the UK’s vetted expert witness resource

What makes the UK Register of Expert Witnesses unique?

  1. Thousands of expert witnesses covering a vast range of subjects
  2. Rigorous independent vetting
  3. Multiple accessible formats – on paper and on-line
  1. 3,000+ books distributed annually to UK litigators
  2. Thousands of on-line searches annually
  3. Register mobile app available

How the book is organised

Subject Index

... your key to unlocking the wealth of information inside the UK Register of Expert Witnesses

  • More than 23,000 headings
  • Fully cross-referenced
  • Regional identifying codes
List of experts

... full details of qualifications, expertise and contact information

  • Ordered by region, postal district, town and surname
  • Standard and extended entries
  • Additional information markers, e.g. willingness to undertake criminal work
Additional indexes

... extra indexes to help locate the right expert every time

  • Surname index
  • Company index
  • Abbreviations index
  • Regional index
  • Town index

Peek inside the printed UK Register of Expert Witnesses

UK Register of Expert Witnesses

Take a look at the printed version of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses by downloading a sampler. It will show the layout of the book and a few sample pages from:

  • Subject index
  • List of Experts
  • Abbreviations index
  • Town index

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