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In the beginning...
An important feature of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses is the vetting we’ve undertaken since the product’s inception way back in 1988. Indeed, our many conversations with lawyers have highlighted the importance they place on knowing that listed experts are vetted.
Remind me about the basic vetting procedure...

Now, all experts are offered the opportunity to submit to regular scrutiny by instructing lawyers in a number of key areas. The results of the re-vetting process are published in summary form in the printed Register, and in detail in the software and on-line versions of the Register.
The re-vetting process...

The information published
An expert’s on-line entry shows the most current vetted date in each aspect of expert witness work vetted, plus a running total of the number of individuals who have recommended the expert witness. From this, lawyers will be able to gain an appreciation for each expert of:

  • how recently the vetting was undertaken
  • the number of recommendations received.

For each expert we have published a generalised ‘last vetted’ date in the printed Register, as well as the total number of positive recommendations gained by the expert.

For many listed experts, current vetting dates will be some time in the 1990s, before the introduction of the Civil Procedure Rules. To show a more recent vetted date, and to amass a number of positive recommendations, experts should either:

  1. complete the On-line Re-vetting Form. Do it now...
  2. download, complete and return our standard printed Re-vetting Form. Download now...(70kb) Re-vetting application form in PDF format

The re-vetting process involves us in significant amounts of additional work, hence the charge of £12.00 + VAT per referee, or a bulk discount of £50.00 + VAT for 5 referees processed at the same time.

Apply for re-vetting on-line now...
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