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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Expert Witnesses
Top quality
PI Insurance cover
at market-beating prices

Little Books
The Little Books
We have learnt the lessons from the mistakes of others, now you can learn them too!

Expert Witness
Year Book
The Expert Witness Year Book
Slip one in your bag, and you can be the expert with the facts at your fingertips!

Why lawyers are willing to pay to use the Register

So why, with so many free resources, do thousands of lawyers turn to the Register – which costs them £130.00 (+ VAT) a year – when they need to find a new expert witness to instruct? Well, there are 6 key reasons:

  1. Independent vetting – We make the basic enquiries, saving you the time and trouble. And with many experts opting for re-vetting, the detail of which can be scrutinised on-line, you have even more information to rely upon.
  2. Informed experts – Every registered expert has access to our unrivalled information resources (newsletter, factsheets, court reports and more), helping them to work with you more effectively.
  3. Industry-leading indexing – With a comprehensive index containing more than 22,000 index terms, we can help you to find the right expert quickly.
  4. Flexibility – The Register is published on paper, on disk and on-line. So you can choose the format that suits you best. And you’re not limited to the information published. By employing our innovative, yet easy to use, on-line services (such as the eCast and Notes systems), you can really take control of your expert witness intelligence.
  5. Expert Location Helpline – Why not make free use of our many years’ experience in locating experts? Just one telephone call, fax or e-mail is all it takes! With up to 30 free searches annually as standard, take the load off your support staff and let us help.
  6. Tiered information provision – Start with the expert’s brief entry, move on to the A4 profile sheet and then hone your shortlist with individual CVs.

To start to feel the benefit of our services immediately, click here to buy the Register. If you still have questions, please call us on (01638) 561590.


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