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Software that’s simple by design

About the app

  1. Fastest and most flexible way of searching the UK Register of Expert Witnesses
  2. Local access to some 1,500 experienced expert witnesses
  3. Search by expertise, geographical area, town, surname, free text and much more
  4. Intuitive and user-friendly interface
Free to ‘Professional’ service level experts and lawyer subscribers, otherwise £90 (including VAT)

Windows 7 and later and Mac OS v10.6 or later. Requires the free Adobe® AIR™ to be installed. If you don’t already have Adobe AIR on your device, you will need to install it free from the Adobe site.

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Simply download the AIR installation package and launch it directly on your device. You must have Adobe® AIR™ installed.

Alternatively, you can run ESP with its own version of Adobe AIR bundled in (known as a Captured run Time, hence CRT). To make that work you download the ESP zip file, unzip everything to a folder of your choice and then run ExpertSearchProgram.exe from the folder you copied to.

When you first run the app, you will need to enter a valid serial number to activate it. If you don’t have a serial number, the software will run in its feature-limited trial mode.

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