How would you like to have a database of 11,392 litigation lawyers at your fingertips?


Based on the 10,000+ litigation lawyers on the Register’s Controlled Distribution List, LawyerLists offers fast, flexible and cost-effective access to top-quality address data for litigators.

Key options

  • Filter the complete database by location.
  • Choose to buy just law firm addresses, or a named litigation contact within each law firm.
  • Buy your selected list pre-printed on Avery address labels.
  • Ask us to prepare the mailmerge task on your behalf for over-printing onto your stationery.
  • Ask us to dispatch your mailshot.
  • Buy a database of contacts licensed for multiple mailings.

130% refund policy – quality guarantee

Despite taking great care of our lawyer contact information, we recognise that such a large database will contain errors. But we won’t make you pay for these. Our 130% refund policy means that any returned items from a mailing you undertake within 30 days of purchasing the list will be refunded to you at 130% of the address cost!

To take advantage of this refund policy, simply:

  1. undertake the mailing within 30 days of purchase (proof of posting is required)
  2. send us the items Royal Mail has marked as undeliverable (proof of Royal Mail undeliverable notice required for each item).

We will then issue you with a refund of 130% of the cost of those addresses. No questions. No hassle. No fuss. Just quality guaranteed.

Quickly and easily build the list you need

It’s unlikely you’ll want to mail all our litigation lawyers in one go. So how can you select just those litigation lawyers you want and stay within budget? Simple. Cut your mailing list down to size by specifying a central location and a catchment distance (e.g. within 25km of CB1).

Step 1: Filter by location

  • Specify the postcode of your central location, perhaps your business address.
  • Set the distance (in km) you’d like the search to extend. Tell me more...

Step 2: What’s in a name?

A list of named contacts is more expensive than a list of law firms (which you could address simply to ‘The Litigation Partner’). It’s for you to balance the desire for a named individual against cost and size of the mailing list. LawyerLists will then find all the addresses within the defined search radius.

Step 3: Choose the output medium to suit need and budget

No two marketing campaigns are alike. So LawyerLists gives you the ability to balance appearance with cost by offering a range of output options.

  • Avery Address Labels - On the plus side it's the cheapest option, but you will not be able to use your list to personalise your marketing material.
  • PDF - Give us the text of your letter and we’ll prepare an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file containing your personalised material which you can then print onto your stationery. We can undertake the printing and mailshot fulfilment should you wish. Just call for price information.
  • Database - If you want the flexibility of multiple mailings for your marketing campaign, purchase a database of contacts in Word, dBase or Excel format.

And don't forget, every contact we sell is covered by our 130% refund policy.


What it costs

We aim to make LawyerLists the very best value for money. We don’t impose a minimum order cost and we offer a range of output formats to suit budget. The table shows the current scale of charges. All orders attract VAT.

An anonymous address gives only the firm name. Named contact addresses include a named individual in the firm. Member experts are entitled to significant discounts on these prices.

How much would your ideal list cost? Build one now to find out.

  Cost per address Discount for registered experts
  Anonymous address Named contact
On Avery labels
per address
Merging list with your message
3-usage licence
6-usage licence
unlimited usage licence

Build your own list now and see how cost effective LawyerLists can be!

Select the central postcode and LawyerLists will calculate how many contacts are within the defined distance radius.
Pick a Postcode:
Find addresses between  
   km and  
   km away
Restrict to one address per firm.
If you leave this option unchecked your list may well contain more than one lawyer per firm.

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