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Index to published articles

Here we provide ready access to a variety of published articles written by us. These deal with topics of interest to expert witnesses.

New Law Journal



  • The Brexpert witness. 24 February 2017 Chris Pamplin takes a broad view of the possible implications for expert witnesses of Britain’s exit from the EU.
  • Confronting dogma Pt1. 7 April 2017 Chris Pamplin looks for the lessons to draw from an expert witness who spoke against perceived wisdom and got into deep water.
  • Confronting dogma Pt2. 7 July 2017 Post-Squier, Chris Pamplin reflects on the use of previous judgments in disciplinary proceedings.
  • The ‘over-eager’ judge. 11 August 2017 Dr Chris Pamplin looks at how far a judge can go in taking a proactive role towards experts in proceedings.
  • Experts talk back. 13 October 2017 Dr Chris Pamplin analyses the results of the 2017 UK Register of Expert Witnesses expert witness survey.
  • Expert selection. 10 November 2017 When instructing a new expert, is disclosure of an earlier report inevitable? Dr Chris Pamplin reports.


  • Witness headaches. 16 April 2016 What can happen if an expert witness is prevented from attending for bona fide reasons?
  • The anonymous expert. 1 July 2016 Should expert witnesses always be named?
  • A civil report in the dock. 12 August 2016 The issues that can arise when a report written in contemplation of civil proceedings gets drawn into criminal proceedings.
  • Flexible Trials. 16 September 2016 Dr Chris Pamplin looks at the impact of ?exible trials on expert witness work.
  • Trading standards. 11 November 2016 Chris Pamplin looks at how greater exposure to litigants in person is also exposing expert witnesses to consumer law.


  • Compare & Contrast (Pt 1). 23 January 2015 Dr Chris pamplin explains why the new guidance for experts should be required reading for all expert witnesses & those who instruct them.
  • Compare & Contrast (Pt 2). 27 February 2015 Dr Chris pamplin continues his exploration of the new guidance for experts.
  • Maths on trial (Pt 1). 6 June 2015 Dr Chris Pamplin looks at some common mathematical errors that have led courts astray, and how to avoid them.
  • Maths on trial (Pt 2). 14 August 2015 Dr Chris Pamplin looks at some common mathematical errors that have led courts astray, and how to avoid them.
  • A costly clash. 20 November 2015 Looks at a case where the Legal Aid Agency thought it could override the will of the court.


  • A matter of opinion. 24 January 2014 Is expert opinion produced outside the court process admissible?
  • Game Over. 4 July 2014 Are experts now able to tackle the ultimate issue?
  • A foreign affair. 19 September 2014 Chris Pamplin looks at some of the expert witness issues that can arise in litigation that crosses EU member state borders.
  • Backlash on whiplash. 19 November 2014 Chris Pamplin looks at recent moves by the Ministry of Justice to control the whiplash claims industry & MROs


  • Switching Experts. 21 June 2013 Chris Pamplin considers what can be done when the expert’s opinion changes.
  • The best fit. 19 April 2013 Chris Pamplin considers how easy it is to choose the right expert.
  • Balance of Power. 27 September 2013 Chris Pamplin looks at whether the court can override an expert determination decision.
  • Expert Analysis 18 October 2014 Dr Chris Pamplin shares the top line results of the 2013 UK Register of Expert Witnesses survey


  • Cause & effect. 23 November 2012 Chris Pamplin looks back at clinical negligence case law and finds a relaxation in the burden of proof.
  • Getting in line. 28 September 2012 Chris Pamplin considers revised guidance for expert witnesses & those who instruct them.
  • The heat is on. 20 July 2012 Chris Pamplin reports on some initial findings about expert evidence given concurrently from the "hot tub"
  • No wizards or wands. 29 June 2012 Chris Pamplin & Bernard Kat clarify the meaning of the term "psychologist"
  • Relative values. 27 April 2012 Dr Chris Pamplin takes a hard look at the expert witness-specific recommendations from the Family Justice Review
  • Full disclosure? 27 January 2012 Chris Pamplin debates the disclosability of pre-action expert reports


  • In confidence? 25 November 2011 Chris Pamplin looks at the extent to which an expert witness’s evidence might be affected by earlier exposure to information
  • Expert analysis. 4 November 2011 Chris Pamplin highlights changes & contrasts in the expert witness market
  • Supreme Court experts? 8 April 2011 Chris Pamplin reflects on the decision in Jones v Kaney & predicts some unintended consequences


  • Time to jump? 24 September 2010 Is the end in sight for expert witness immunity? Dr Chris Pamplin considers the evidence
  • What’s the crack? 18 August 2010 Chris Pamplin analyses a case of cracking brinkmanship
  • Getting into hot water. 29 January 2010 The one thing the hot tub is unlikely to do is save much money
  • Approach with care. 29 January 2010 Dr Chris Pamplin explains how to save money without damaging the supply of expert witnesses


  • Cross-examining the experts. 26 October 2007 Chris Pamplin analyses the results of a major survey of the expert witness marketplace
  • Limiting the evidence. 26 October 2007 What is the expert’s role in gathering and presenting evidence? Chris Pamplin reports.


  • Bearing false witness: the regulatory effect. 18 November 2005 Chris Pamplin shines the spotlight on ‘false’ expert evidence cases, but finds that proposed changes to the regulation of expert witnesses may still leave the courts fumbling in the dark with scientific opinion
  • Don’t shoot the messenger. 25 February 2005 Chris Pamplin reviews the LSC proposals on the use of experts in publicly funded cases and argues that, if implemented, they would add to the ongoing erosion of access to justice for the most vulnerable in society
The information contained herein is supplied for general information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Neither J S Publications nor the authors accept responsibility for any loss that may arise from reliance on information contained herein. You should always consult a suitably qualified adviser on any specific problem or matter.

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