Joining the Register

of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses


This form gives us the details necessary to process your application for membership of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. You can apply for either vetted or unvetted membership. Please complete all relevant sections, giving as much detail as possible.

1) Personal details

2) Professional and Academic Qualifications

Please list in full text your qualifications, with awarding body and date obtained. Please also include the official (or generally accepted) abbreviation for each one.

3) Fields of Expertise

Please provide either a list, or a summary, of those matters in which you are competent to accept instructions. Text in excess of 500 characters is charged additionally at 2 pence (+ VAT) per character.

Free characters left: 500

4) General Information

1. Are you prepared to work nationwide?

If not, please specify your working area.

2. Are you prepared to work worldwide?

3. Are you fluent in any language other than English?

4. If you are a medical expert, are you prepared to consider medical malpractice work on behalf of:

the patient?
the medical attendant?

5. Are you willing to be instructed as a single joint expert?

6. Are you prepared to chat for 10 minutes on the telephone, free of charge, to assist a solicitor?

7. Are you willing to be instructed in legally aided cases?

8. Are you prepared to accept instruction in criminal cases?

9. Are you prepared to speak with the media?

10. What is the split in your expert witness workload between:

11. How did you find out about the Register?

12. Alternative Dispute Resolution: Please indicate which of the following forms of ADR you are qualified or professionally competent to undertake.

5) Previous Expert Witness Experience

How many expert witness instructions have you had:

Please provide the name and address of at least one, but preferably two, lawyers who have instructed you. Further details of the vetting process, and the questions we’ll be asking your referees, are available on line. If you don’t have these details to hand, you can let us have them at a later date.

Referee 1
Contact name:
Case ref:
Referee 2
Contact name:
Case ref:

6) Selecting your Membership Level

There are three membership levels to choose from:

7) Payment method

We will use this to take payment for the one-off, non-refundable registration fee of £40 + VAT and for the membership fee.

8) Declaration

Just need to check you are a real person
before you submit your application.

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