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Terms and Conditions of our LawyerLists service

J S Publications (JSP) offers the LawyerLists service (the Service) on the following terms.

1) JSP has the right to refuse to supply any order for a list, and the reasons for such a decision need not be disclosed.

2) In consideration of the fee paid by you, JSP undertakes to provide you with the addresses on the list you build through the Service’s web interface at If you request the addresses on labels, we will supply them on Avery L7161 (63.5 x 46.4 mm 18 labels per sheet). If you require a different label format, this may be possible at the complete discretion of JSP and on payment of any additional fee that JSP may levy.

3) JSP makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the suitability of the addresses for any particular purpose, nor does JSP make any claim for the list you purchase through the Service to being exhaustive in any sense.

4) The only permitted use for address data obtained through the Service is for you to prepare mailing items for posting. You are not permitted to use the addresses to compile another list, or to offer an address service to others.

5) You are only permitted to mail items with the addresses on the list you purchase once, unless you purchase the list output as a Database. In this case, you will be granted a licence that allows you to reuse the addresses on the list in accordance with the terms of that licence.

6) You will indemnify and hold indemnified JSP against any loss of revenue caused by a breach of condition 5) above.

7) If the mailing item you posted is returned to you by Royal Mail, and marked by Royal Mail as undeliverable, provided you posted the mailing item within 30 days of purchasing the list from JSP, we will refund the cost of an address + 30%, up to a maximum amount equal to the fee paid by you to JSP for the list containing that address. Only one claim per address will be accepted, even if a licence for multiple use has been purchased. Proof of posting date for your mailed item, and the actual returned mailing item complete with Royal Mail endorsement, must be supplied to JSP before any refund claim will be considered. It is in the sole discretion of JSP to determine whether a claim for a refund is properly presented and approved.

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