Building confidence through ongoing scrutiny

How to apply

We encourage member experts to check that their potential referees are willing to act as such before proposing them.

Simply either:

  1. complete the On-line Re-vetting Form...
  2. download, complete and return our standard printed Re-vetting Form. Re-vetting application form in PDF format

Information sought

Using the details you supply, we approach up to five referees on your behalf. They will each be asked to make a general recommendation as to your abilities as an expert witness in a number of categories, including:

  • SJE work
  • criminal work
  • civil work
  • report writing
  • courtroom skills
  • cross-examination.

How we handle responses

It is up to the referee to decide the aspects of your work on which he or she is able to comment.

  • We will log the dates of positive references against your name. The most recent successful vetting date for each work category will be displayed next to your entry on line.
  • We will make up to two approaches to each referee. If the referee does not reply, we will void that reference and take no further action.

Frequency of re-vetting

Members may apply for re-vetting as frequently, or infrequently, as they like. Members must decide for themselves the importance they believe instructing lawyers will place on the published dates.

Current status

If you are a member expert, log in to view your currently recorded vetting dates, and the total number of positive references we have allocated to your entry.

Benefits of re-vetting

You will be able to show:

  • a recent recommendation of your work by lawyers from instructing solicitors, giving other lawyers peace of mind when considering employing your services
  • your range of experience in the different work areas
  • a willingness to subject yourself to regular scrutiny by others
  • a running total of positive recommendations.

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